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Turkey: Our Favorite Type of Viral [Infographic]

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Turkey: Our Favorite Type of Viral

It starts in 1621 With 53 pilgrims[3] And 90 Native Americans Gov. William Bradford sent 4 men to hunt birds Wampanoag Indians contributed 5 deer. Three days of feasting saw more venison than turkey.[2] Meal: Goose, Swan, Duck, Venison, Lobster, Shellfish, Alcohol, Pumpkin Sailing to a new land: One supertanker can hold 10,000x the Nina, Santa Maria, or Pinta We eat 61% of a supertanker worth of Turkeys on Thanksgiving Yearly: [5] With well over a supertanker of green beans Another of pumpkin And almost three supertankers of sweet potatoes That ain’t your typical pilgrims fare! With 108% of the 70′s turkey consumption today We eat 16 lbs of turkey per person a year Top producers: [state, millions of turkeys] Minnesota: 46 North Carolina: 36 Arkansas: 29 Missouri: 18 Virginia 17 Indiana: 17 California: 16 Everything’s bigger in turkey 1.) 53.5 million spectators watch the annual Macy’s Day Parade[6] Requiring 300,000 cubic feet of helium to stay afloat[7] 2.) In 2012 President Obama pardoned “Cobbler” a 19 week old, 40 lb turkey. [8] Every year the president re-proclaims “a day of thanksgiving.” [9] 3.) June is National Turkey Lover’s Month[8] However you carve it, Turkey is our favorite type of viral.   Citations:


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