Turn Rejection On Its Head by @sobeorganized

by Rivka Caroline

From the moment we wake up until we have had our mid morning coffee we have already rejected plenty of ideas and items we don’t need that very morning.

What happens later that afternoon when someone rejects an idea we have had or  ( let me tread gently here …. ) rejects us …

Rejection isn’t something  we are programmed entirely well  for..  It affects all those deeply hidden emotions our self worth, our self esteem .. and most painfully our pride.

First do no harm ….

Don’t react
It is important to wrap our heads around rejection here so that we can push those boundaries so we can take control of the situation rather than have the pain of rejection control us.  and possibly our unladylike reactions.

It’s not about you
Well, it is, because you are the feeling the pain but it isn’t really about you per se.
Everyone is fighting a battle of their own and many of those around us are over tired and stretched too thin.

Mt Rejection
This stab of rejection that we feel when a friend laughs at a sincere idea or whispers quietly that the new eyemake up is more scary than flattering is nothing new – it adds another layer to the Mt Rejection that we have been accumulating since our youth.

It’s their loss
Ultimately it really is their loss and you will be fine. It may just take a little time for you to think your way around it.

Change isn’t easy
Like they say, change is easy – you go first. It isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile.

So next time you get rejected from something ranging from a red light to your boss rejecting a proposal you thought was worthy of thunderous acclaim take a deep breath, feel the pain, tap into something bigger than both you and the person rejecting you or your idea and lean in, knowing this too is for your greater good despite how crummy you may be feeling in the moment.

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Time Management Guru – Rivka Caroline, author of Frazzled to Focused Ultimate Time Management Guide  for Moms & CEO of SoBe Organized, Miami, Florida

peu_20121121_2-1Rivka is a Mom of 7, Author of Frazzled to Focused, Rabbi’s wife and CEO of the professional Time Management Consultancy SoBe Organized.   She teaches both individuals and small businesses how to leverage their time to work effectively and find time for the things that count.  She loves the psychology behind time management and will be finishing her Masters in Psychology in  October 2013.  Perhaps more importantly, Rivka is still quite relaxed and surprisingly sane and able to find time for what matters. People often ask her how she ‘does it all’, her tweets @sobeorganizedblog posts and book is her detailed response ( spoiler alert : she doesn’t actually do it all and doesn’t want YOU to either).

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