Close That Sale; How To Pitch Your Products To Clients by @tochi5

by Tochi Eze | Featured Contributor

Have you ever tried to sell your product/service  to a particular audience? Let’s say your list of subscribers or maybe on a one on one presentation. How did that go? Did purchases come in by the droves? Whatever your answer may be, I’m sure you want to be better. We all do ☺

The only thing worse than dealing with a sales representative, is dealing with a one who has no clue how to present products to her clients.

First, let’s face it, no one really likes marketers or sales representatives. They come across as offensive and bothersome (apologies herein rendered). The bad news is that as an entrepreneur, you are the best shot at making the sale. Nothing sells a vision like the owner, keep that in mind.

So here’s the deal. How do you close sales while maintaining the dignity of your brilliance and awesomeness?

Simply put yourself in the position of the customer, then ask yourself, ‘If I were the prospect, what would I want a sales person to say?’

That my friend is your gold!

Understanding your customer’s psychology and needs is the secret to never ending sales and enormous wealth. Can I get an Amen? ☺

Let me share 3 delightful strategies  to pitch your product/services to clients in a way that inspires and compels them to part with their money.

Awesome! I know… 🙂

1. Make A Connection.
A purchase is never about your product. It’s about the client. About their needs, preferences, social dispositions, love life and sometimes favorite color. My point? A successful business owner or sales person understands that the product is really all about the client, and as such, the pitch must be about the client.

The first step to making a connection is to know who you are selling to. Take time to research and Google on your prospects. Find their needs, goals, likes and dislikes. The more you know, the more you have at your finger tips to play around with. Once you discover their needs, take advantage, offer friendship, time, a listening ear, a solution, and information. Draw them into your world. But make sure you are SINCERE.

2. Tell A Story.
Scratch the details, forget the benefits, tell us a story! Weave a spell of magic that captivates your audience, and do this with a creative and compelling story.

There are two types of stories you can tell.

a. Personal Story Basically just state a painful process or experience you encountered (make it gruesome baby) ☺ and then how you miraculously came upon the solution or product you now offer.

b. Fairy Tale This basically tells a story that feeds off the clients most profound desires. A product that poses to solve their most pressing issues.

3. Follow Up with a Call To Action.
Don’t just leave your clients hanging. After you have created anticipation, go in for the kill. Don’t just sell your value, sell your scarcity as well. Nothing kills motivation to purchase faster than clients who know they can always get it later. Always end every pitch with a call to immediate action PLUS you can always spice up your call to action with a discount, bonus or free hug.

Now your turn! How do you close that sale? I can’t wait to read your delicious comments.


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2 Replies to “Close That Sale; How To Pitch Your Products To Clients by @tochi5”

  1. Karen Dawkins

    GREAT ADVICE! I talked with someone about my products yesterday, but his kids are young (2 and 7 months), not quite the age Staycation in a Box targets. I looked through my product and contacted him with a suggested package to meet his specific situation. He was thrilled. I made a sale by focusing on his needs, not worrying about my great idea!

    I need this to be the fabric of EVERYTHING I do!

  2. H3GM

    These are great tips to integrate into my sales pitches. The tell a story step is certainly something that can work in my pitch.

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