Two Telltale Signs of a Toxic Workplace Setting

2021 has been dubbed the “Year of the Awakening,” or “Year of the Great Resignation” by many. Most people have learned, or rather acknowledged, that a workplace is more than simply a location where you go to get a job; it is also a miniature civilization and culture in itself. It’s a place where people spend most of their day, if not their whole lives. 

Many people have noted that when the work environment or culture is toxic, it may soon start hurting not just our mental health but also our physical well-being. 

In addition to our insecurities, we are conditioned by how others treat us. There’s no doubt that toxic environments may make you question your own value. 

Here’s how you can tell if it’s time for a cultural shift

According to studies, your workspace affects not only your mental health, creating issues like doubts and anxiety, but also your physical health, such as causing sleep problems or weight gain. 

As a result, the first sign that your workplace culture has changed for the worse for you is when it begins to influence your mental health. 

This can look like: 

·      You are no longer happy to come to work 

·      You are dragging being there as time passes 

·      You can’t wait for Friday to begin, even if your Sunday is still not finished

Sound familiar? Then it may be time for a change. 

What if this stage has passed?

In addition to our insecurities and doubts, we are often conditioned by how others treat us. There’s no denying that toxic environments may make you doubt your own value. It’s not so much about whether you want to go to work anymore as it is about whether you feel good enough for something better than what you currently have. 

Have you been yearning for a better job but are unsure whether you can land one?

One of the telltale indicators of a toxic relationship with your workspace is feeling like you can’t get a better job, despite various skills and achievements – which might be caused by a form of gaslighting induced by your workplace environment or even yourself.

Another indicator that you’re working in a toxic environment is when you’ve had to adapt yourself to fit the relationship with your coworkers, manager, or boss. Certainly, there is a distinction between being professional and being yourself – but being professional does not imply that you must alter your whole behavior, attitude, or even values to meet the requirements of others.

If you’re continuously trying to make everyone else happy just to be left unhappy yourself, then that’s the type of toxicity that many people are attempting to escape during the Great Resignation of 2021.

Does it make you want to participate in the great resignation as well? Then go ahead and book a meeting with me to discuss your future and how to land a job that you will actually enjoy.



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