Why Self-Care is Hard and How to Ease Into It


Self-care is an overused buzzword but it hasn’t sunken into a habit for most people. As a Life Coach in the mental health field, I find that many people genuinely want to practice self-care but they struggle with it. I believe there are multiple reasons for this.

Self-care is hard for many people because:


There is a stigma around self-care.

One of the main reasons self-care is so hard is because it is not a common practice that is valued by society. Many times when people practice self-care they may be criticized, made fun of, or called selfish. I’ve seen this happen myself and with clients. This stigma around self-care makes it harder for people to embody it. It isn’t embraced by the wider population as a necessary practice, but rather a privilege.

The only way this will change is if more people adopt self-care as a healthcare routine and do it unapologetically. Don’t let the stigma stop you from taking care of yourself. The change starts with each of us.


There aren’t many examples around us.

Many of us are caught in the overworking loop. Our work matters more than our lives, our family, our health and anything else. It is praised by society to be busy and stressed and makes you appear more important. 

There aren’t a lot of people exemplifying self-care around us at home, at work, in our peer circles. We cannot let this stop us from practicing self-care or wait for it to become the norm. This is an opportunity to be an example for ourselves and others and create the self-care regimen that rejuvenates us. 


No one knows what self-care really is.

Self-care is a vague term and is usually associated with manicures and vacations. Not everyone has money, time, or desire for those things and therefore it can get ignored. My mission is to change this idea of self-care into honoring your own needs, whatever that may be.

Think about self-care as honoring your whole self. Caring for your mind, body, and spirit. We often hear about physical wellness when it comes to exercise and nutrition, but how can you also care for your mind and spirit?


How to ease into self-care:

A great place to start with self-care is a simple 5 minutes a day. Think about one area of your life you’ve been wanting to add more care into. If there are multiple, just pick the one that feels the most relevant to your daily life. 

For example, for me, working as a mental health and self-care coach I am on zoom talking to clients back to back all day for most of the week. It is extremely taxing, emotionally and physically. 

As I found myself struggling with exhaustion I decided to pick this area to focus on. On my working days I make it a point to manage my energy levels and nurture myself deeper. I get up from the chair even for just a 5-minute break before jumping into the next call.

This focus has been tremendously helping me stay focused and centered. For yourself, what’s that 1 area that you want to adjust? And what is 1 thing you can do to help adjust, even if it just takes 5 minutes? Don’t get hyper-focused on doing it right, and instead, just do it. 


Focus on that this week and I’d love to hear how it goes! 



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