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by Linda Kuziorbike cow

It’s been too long since our last Udderly Smooth update.   In the past year, we’ve gone to numerous conferences, meetings with retailers, entered two new countries, and found out our product went on a Mount Everest expedition. It passed by in a blur without sharing any of it.

As any small business owner will tell you, owning and operating a company requires that you become an expert at practically everything because you may not have the resources or the manpower.

At our company, we quickly learn to rely on experts or become experts in the field ourselves. Learning aspects of IT, to utilize Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social media to meet new trends in marketing. All in an effort to help our product, Udderly Smooth stand out on the crowded shelves.

Unfortunately, my biggest challenge which I have never mastered is writing.  The ability to engage and entice someone to read and continue reading is baffling. For every challenge that I have faced, I have always told myself that I can do this except this one. I constantly tell myself, “I am not a writer!!” Therefore, I will never master this skill.

My lack of faith in my ability to write keeps me from writing about our latest challenges and escapades. Some of them have been brilliantly laughable. Ride a bike in a 40# cow costume, absolutely ready! Write about it – maybe tomorrow or another day.

Two months ago, we were interviewed for a piece on MSNBC TV’s “Your Business” Halfway through the interview, my thought shifted to maybe I could be the expert instead of the novice.

The ability to know your customer and their language is a key to success in the market place.

It’s time – see you next month!


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