Video Options without Being on Camera by Angela Moore of @SixDegreesDM

by Angela Moore | Featured Contributor 

Wow, December is here already. I wanted finish out 2016 out with a little different message. If you’re still nervous or uncomfortable about being on camera, no worries. You’ve got options. Check out what my virtual Angie character has to say about it.

I hope you learned a few things about video with me over the last few months. I want to encourage you to get started with video marketing with your products or services in 2017, if you haven’t already that is. With so many options for video creation these days, there’s really no reason to put it off any longer. It might be a little scary at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll really start having a lot of fun with it.

Review the tips I’ve covered over the past few months and if you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments below and I’ll get those answered for you.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Angela MooreAh the Bio section. Let’s change this up and start with a quote. “Don’t adjust your dreams to accommodate your reality, adjust your reality to accommodate your dreams.” Yep I wrote that. I’m Angela Moore, Founder and President of Six Degrees Digital Media. We launched the company in May of 2010 and have the good fortune to still be helping others. We love creating awesome video over at Six Degrees as well as e-Courses and websites. If you need help telling your story, we’re here for you.

Also, I’m a mom of two awesome kids, which I believe is my real legacy. And if you’re still reading this, I’ll throw in that I’m a huge fan of Disney (movies and the park), as well as superheroes. I’d love to save the world but right now I’ll settle for saving the Internet one byte at a time.

Connect with me anywhere you like.

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