Want the PeRfect Pitch? Four Simple Steps to Pitch like a PRo by @JoyCookPR

by Joy Cook | Featured Contributor

On Twitter a single tweet is only 140 characters …now that is short.  As attention spans get shorter you don’t want to be too verbose when pitching your ideas. According to tech guru Adeo Ressi, (former roommate of Elon Musk…yes THE Elon Musk and President/CEO of the Founder Institute), “When it comes to the one sentence pitch, Ressi says “Most entrepreneurs manage to screw it up… How much better would the world be if every start-up could explain their business well in one sentence?”


I am going to show you how to strategically say exactly what you mean in a way that your audience doesn’t get lost in translation (literally.)

1) Be Clear!

It’s that simple!  Be Clear as to what you are actually talking about and be clear on the message you want to convey.  For example, if you have a product that you would like to pitch to an investor, be clear about what your product actually does and what the best way you would briefly be able to express that is.

2)  Skip Adjectives and Flowery Words

Get straight to the point.  No flowery words please.  If you have a mobile app that makes life easier for mankind…..say that.  Skip words like, awesome, amazing, and best.  Many times you only get one shot to make a pitch that could change the course of your business forever.  Don’t waste it stating the obvious.  You are awesome…you landed an opportunity to pitch to a PoweR PlayeR no need to say what is already assumed.

3)  Only Focus on One Showstopping Highlight

When we create our products become so personal that we could talk for hours about how amazing they are and all of the wonderful features.  Choose the best feature of your product or service to highlight during your pitch.  Investors and potential stakeholders want to know what the bottom line is.  What will their return on investment (ROI) be?  It is a “Two sided market place” according to Adeo Ressi only focus on one side and that is want your customer wants.

4)  PRactice….PRactice…..PRactice

Try practicing your pitch in front of the mirror.  This builds confidence in what you are saying and also makes pitching in front of others more comfortable.  Take it a step further and video yourself practicing then play the video back and critique yourself.  Would you support you based off of what you see?

Before you know it you will be a PRo at pitching and ready to seal the deal!


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