4 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Now by @_TeriHarrison


by Teri Harrison

We can all remember that moment…when we took the plunge and officially joined the “Twitter-verse.” It felt so good to add one more notch to your social media belts. But then, reality set in. You had zero followers and someone else had thousands. You began to ponder that equation. How did they do it? How long did it take? Well, although there’s no magical Tweet Fairy giving away followers, there are a few tried and true tips you could use to start you on your way. Here are 4 ways to get more followers now.

1. Create a Profile That Rocks!
In business, you need to stand out. Your first impression should be a lasting impression so when you create your twitter profile, it needs to rock! Start with a picture that professionally represents who you are and what you do. People are very visual so your picture will impact how others perceive you. Once you have a photo that best represents your brand, make sure your twitter name is professional as well. If you’re tweeting for business, experts suggest using your name. Using cute or trendy names is not recommended. In addition, revisit your profile bio. Is it compelling? Interesting? Does it showcase your credentials and expertise?

2. Tweet Baby, Tweet
To get- you have to give, so start tweeting quality content to get new followers. The more content you give, the more followers you get. Although experts differ on how many times you should tweet, most agree that 8-12 times a day is more than enough. According to entrepreneur.com, the peak times to post on twitter are between 1-3 p.m., EST, Monday through Thursday. Weekend tweets get less engagement than weekly tweets so consider this when scheduling. To ensure you post during peak hours, consider using applications like HootSuite, which allows you to schedule your tweets at specific times each day.

3. Be Social & Hash tag
Social media is all about engagement and one sure way to grow your following is to engage others. For example, retweet other followers. Thank followers for retweeting you. Follow those who took the time to follow you. Way in on conversations and get involved with twitter chats. It’s a great way to meet people and expand the voice for your brand. Is there a favorite T.V. show you like? Live tweet during the show and see who else is watching. No matter what, use hash tags in front of words or phrases your target audience searches for. It’s a great way to find others tweeting about subject matters you enjoy. The bottom line is be a participator, not a spectator.

4. Choose Wisely
Twitter will require a proactive approach. If you’re sitting around waiting for people to follow you, you may be sitting a long while. Why wait? Jump in and get the process started. But when you choose people to follow, choose wisely. Identify your ideal client. You can do that by looking at movers and shakers in your industry and then see who follows them. Then, determine how active they are. Do they tweet every day? Are they following people who follow them? I generally don’t follow people who have several followers but only follow a few back. So, if someone has 1,300 followers and is only following 465 people, I don’t consider them a good fit to grow my following.

Remember, growing an audience can take time. Be patient, use these tips, and it will grow. Twitter is a great way to promote your brand and catapult your business.


TeriTeri Harrison is a business strategist and success coach for women entrepreneurs. She is the CEO of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide (www.ffworldwide.com) and Founder of the Tennessee Business Law Center (www.tnbusinesslawcenter.com). For Business tips and daily motivation, follow her @_teriharrison and connect with her on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/terinicholeharrison.

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