5 Ways to Get Unstuck Right Now by @KandiceNaTe


by Kandice Cole

We all find ourselves in a rut from time to time especially in our businesses. You know the place where it feels like the wheels are spinning but no progress is being made? Or that place where we find ourselves exhausted and tired, unable to think clearly about what to do next. It happens to everyone no matter what stage our business is in. There comes a point where you want to shift that stuck energy for good so that you can keep moving along. Here are a few ways that will get you out of rut in no time:

Get off of the comparison train. When we get in a rut we can be really hard ourselves. We look at other’s business, wondering why we haven’t gotten as far. We rack our brains looking at what they are doing and then beat ourselves up for not doing that too. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that its great to check out what other people are doing as a means of inspiration, but when comparison creeps up run your race and go inward.

Take time off. Turn off the phone. Stop reading the newsletters. Close the computer. Sometimes the only way beyond the chatter of our lives is to get quiet. Quiet gets us to clarity quicker. It accelerates things because we are listening closely to our hearts. We are getting back to the pulse of your business and finding the stream of wisdom that will help us eal with whatever problem we face.

Reframe your worry. Being a business owner is challenging and we have many things to think about all of the time. If worry is causing you to feel stuck, turn it into a question. Worried about creating a system? Reframe it to “How can I find out how to create a system? Questions keep us action oriented so that you start to find creative answers and solutions.

Celebrate. This is the easiest and hardest thing to do. Celebrate what you have done. Take a step back and celebrate the steps you have taken. Many times we run ahead of ourselves and totally forget how far we come. Celebrate like its your birthday. Celebrate the fact that if you made it this far and that you have enough greatness make it to the next point. Shower yourself with love. Love and celebration keeps us inspired. And inspired steps get us out of ruts that we find ourselves in.

What are you going to do the next time you find yourself feeling stuck in your business?


Kandice N ColeKandice Cole is a writer and personal development teacher. Her mission is to empower people to live unapologetic lives right now. She is the author of several personal development guides and creator of the Love Letter Club. Her writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Kind Over Matter, Wild Sister Magazine, and Bentlily. For more about her work visit vulnerabilityissexy.com

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