Ways to Use Analogies for Effective Communication

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3 Replies to “Ways to Use Analogies for Effective Communication”

  1. Patricia Weber

    Metaphors ARE terrific. And as long as the people you are speaking with or writing to understand what it is, you can gain clarify. Have you read the book by Anne Miller – The Tall Lady With The Iceberg: The power of metaphors to sell, persuade & explain anything to anyone? It is loaded with metaphors, ready to use and it gives you a process for creating your own if like me, on occasion, you aren’t finding what you need.

    Most relevant post. Thanks.

  2. Terry

    I have recently discovered your website and love it. Is there a link to the header “50 Women you should be following on Twitter”?

    1. Melissa Stewart

      Hi Terry! Yes, you can find the 2013 list here -> https://sheownsit.com/women-your-should-be-following-on-twitter/. We skipped 2014 but we’re back on track for 2015. We’re also in the middle of revamping the site so sorry for the links not working – pardon our dust!

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