Whatever you do, don’t think like a man. by Renee Pedro of @crashpaddesigns

Whatever you do, don’t think like a man
by Renee Pedro | Featured Contributor 

Women are equal to men period, but not the same. Besides the obvious differences, we have different dominant personality traits.

Our brains aren’t the same, and that’s a great thing. Today when women are finding our voices, it’s important we embrace thinking like a woman. We don’t have to act like a man to succeed, and we don’t have to think like a man.
I remember on the playground as a little girl feeling a little diminished every time a boy said, you run like a girl. Or hearing one boy say to another you throw like a girl. The first time I heard that there was a little voice in my little head that told me it wasn’t cool. But hearing it, again and again, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was better to be a boy.
I got over that a long time ago, but I understand why women try to emulate the way men do business. We never see enough examples of women entrepreneurs who are ” killing it”.
Did you know that there were 56 self-made women billionaires on the Forbes list in 2017? I did. I find it inspirational to seek out stories of successful women entrepreneurs.
Running my business Crash Pad Designs is fun, challenging, fulfilling and hard. On hard days, reading about other women who have done it reminds me those little boys were wrong. So I run my business like a girl every day. Why wouldn’t I?

Women are intuitive

You know that little voice in your head or the feeling in your stomach that tells you something isn’t right. That little voice is your intuition. She’s usually right. Trust your intuition when making decisions in your business. If it doesn’t feel right it isn’t right for you.

Women are optimistic

Women have babies. We must be the ultimate optimist. Right?
Of course, some days it’s not easy to be optimistic. You’ve got to celebrate your wins.  Last thing each night think of be something you can say well done to yourself for. Then, have faith that you’ll figure it out.

Women are problem solvers

In general, women don’t make rash decisions or accept information at face value. We access situations, explore all the options, visualize a solution, and solve problems. That’s what we do. How many problems have you solved today?

Women are flexible

This one is figurative and literal. First figuratively, think about your life. Most days you might as well be a juggler. Now literally.
Have you seen a man in yoga class?
Most importantly, your outlook is everything. Changing your prism and moving through the world as a woman on your own terms means you don’t have to think like a man. #WOMANUP


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    Really like your articles. You are creative and original in what you say and design.

    Way to go!


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