What’s Media Got to Do with It? by @KerryHeaps

by Kerry Heaps  | Featured Contributor

Gaining media exposure can help you during the speaking process immensely. From helping you to get booked as a speaker, to increasing the number of attendees that sign up for your keynote or workshop, media plays an important role. We’ve listed the top three ways getting interviewed will help you during this process.

Building Brand awareness. First and foremost brand awareness, getting interviewed means more people hear your name, your book or your company. Even smaller interviews on podcast or small radio stations will help build your brand online and offline. Most shows today are recorded and typically saved to the radio station site. This can help with Google searches and it’s an opportunity to use the interview when you are corresponding with a meeting planner via email. Share the link of your latest interview or podcast, they will listen and it can increase your chances of getting booked.

Submit media samples. Meeting Planners will ask in a call for speakers form for a link to any recent media engagements. I strongly suggest submitting a link to a podcast or article that you have written that relates directly to the audience that you would be speaking to. It helps to showcase your expertise and how you can help people in that particular industry.

Opportunities for success stories. When you are interviewed, always try to work in a success story. For example, if you are asked how your topic relates to what’s currently happening in the workplace, you can answer the question in a success story and talk about how you recently spoke at an event and were able to help a business owner or attendee with that same issue or problem.

Always make sure that you are maximizing your media opportunities, have links on the press or media page of your website, put it in your newsletter, or email and always change out your signature line in your email to reflect your latest interview article. The more opportunities people have to see this, the more likely they will read it.

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