Who Wants to Win a New iPad Mini Courtesy of @FSecure?

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by Melissa Stewart

Discloser: I am a brand ambassador for F-Secure and do receive compensation for my work with them. All opinions are my own. 

Who wants to win an iPad Mini?

How about 12 months of F-Secure Key too?

As a brand ambassador for F-Secure I get to have some fun and give away a FREE iPad Mini to one lucky reader!

Want to learn more about F-Secure? Check out our first post here.

You can try out F-Secure Key for free for two months.  The code here.

FSecure Password

SO, who wants to win?

“I do! I do!!”

Oh wait, I’m not eligible…

So how do YOU win?


Just follow the instructions below for your chance to WIN!

Safe, Secure, AND win a FREE iPad Mini!!

That’s what I call Win-Win.

Enter to win

Entries will go into the “virtual hat” and drawn at random. Add entries as follows:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 The winner will be contacted on Monday October 13th!

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40 Replies to “Who Wants to Win a New iPad Mini Courtesy of @FSecure?”

  1. erica best

    so i did not put it on yet

  2. Rahul S

    I installed the free version of F-Secure Key password manager, and so far my experience is a pleasant one. I especially like the fact that you can store all your passwords in one convenient, safe and secure place without the hassle of trying to remember them all.

  3. ellen casper

    I downloaded the free version and give it 2 thumbs up!

  4. shea w

    Easy to install and great responsiveness, well done!

  5. Thomas Murphy

    I downloaded the free version of FSecure and think it works great!

  6. Rebecca B

    Have not yet installed, but I am impressed that it has strong encryption to protect all of my data

  7. Amanda Sakovitz

    I haven’t installed it yet but it looks like a wonderful product that truly would help.

  8. Erika Madden

    I haven’t installed yet but it looks promising. Thank you!

  9. Leidy

    Daily facebook share -https://www.facebook.com/leidy.ruiz.140/posts/723103361101324

  10. Leidy

    With F-Secure you can store all of your passwords, log in information and pins in one place

  11. steven weber

    I did install a free version of it.. It was very easy to use.. I would recommend it.

  12. J. Nieman

    I downloaded the free version. Looking forward to trying it. I am always forgetting my passwords. I have a zillion of them! It’s nice to know that they will be secure!

  13. Nicole

    I downloaded the free version and love how Easy it was to install and it is very user friendly. Great product!

  14. Nicole

    I learned that you can Store all your passwords, log-ins, e-mails, PIN codes and other credentials securely.

  15. Tyneisha Fondren

    I have not yet installed it but it does look interesting!

  16. Tyneisha Fondren

    I learned that you can generate strong passwords!

  17. Thomas Murphy

    I learned With F-Secure Key, you can store and access all your passwords easily, securely and privately, and even generate strong, unique passwords whenever you need to.

  18. Chantal Bechervaise

    Tried F-Secure and it is easy to use and very useful! Thanks! 🙂

  19. Amanda Sakovitz

    i learned you should put capital letters in your password

    1. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

      Thanks Dianna! Be sure to post any additional links if you share again OR if someone shares your post!

  20. Althir

    Thanks for this giveaway! ^^

    1. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

      YW! Share on your Facebook page and post the link in the comments for another entry. You can repeat daily. Just share the link back here in the comments and good luck!!

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