Why many online entrepreneurs are showing up but not converting that into sales by @janebakerbiz

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by Jane Baker

Sales it’s the one thing that all entrepreneurs desire right, of course without sales you don’t really have a business I mean you can’t pay those bills or live the dreams with likes and nice comments, but the reality is many entrepreneurs just don’t get the sales they desire even though they feel as if they spend their whole day working.

Particularly entrepreneurs in the online expert world i.e coaches, trainers, strategists who are just starting out and want to get seen and get those initial crop of sales through the door. They’re constantly told that you need to show up and get in front of your ideal client and so that’s what they set about doing.

  • They post in Facebook groups
  • They tweet
  • They post on Instagram
  • They ask questions
  • They join in conversations
  • They connect with people

But the sales?

Well they just don’t seem to come…no matter how many times a day they show up, no matter how often they get in front of their ideal clients sales don’t flow and that’s extremely frustrating.

So they set about changing their message, changing their ideal client, changing their freebies, changing their strategy, in fact many of them change pretty much everything in their business and yet still the same happens, they show up, they get in front of their ideal client and no sales flow!

But the big thing they’re missing
The big thing that could turn it all around
The thing that can make the sales flow

Is asking!

It’s actually asking for the sale in the first place.
I speak with entrepreneurs in this situation every single day and the one thing they’re not doing is actually selling in the first place

They do consult calls or strategy calls but they don’t ask for the sale
They don’t have CTA on any of their valuable stuff
They don’t sell to their mailing list
They don’t actually let people know that they have something for sale

The simple secret to getting sales is as follows:

1 – Show up
Yes you can’t escape it you’ve got to show up in front of your core ideal clients, this could be on Facebook lives, through blogs, through posts, webinars, videos etc whatever it is you need a strategy for showing up in front of them and adding value

2 – Ask for the sale
You have to let people know you have something for sale if you don’t they won’t buy it’s as simple as that so be sure to combine your showing up strategy with actually asking for the sale.

3 – Your environment
If you’re operating from an environment where by you don’t believe you’ll make sales or you don’t think anyone will be interested then guess what that’s exactly what you’re going to get, likewise if you’re operating from a place where you’re frustrated and desperate then again you won’t make the sales. Your environment is important, you need to ensure you’re operating from your genius zone the place you get your best results

4 – Consistency
Now this part is key, you won’t get results if you ask for the sale once a month or once every 90 days, you have to be consistent with it and I believe you should be asking for the sale daily in one way shape or form. It’s also a case of sticking with it, if you’re consistent for one week but then not for the next 3 again you won’t get the desired sales

5 – Detach from the result and have some fun
Now this might seem like a strange one while you need to be asking for the sale you also need to detach from the result, so ask for the sale then trust that it’s going to come in don’t sit there obsessing over it, when you do that you don’t get the sales. You’ll get more sales the more fun you have and the more you live life too, so ask for the sale then detach from the result totally trusting that the sales will come because you’ve fully played your role in enabling the sales to happen anyway

Of course as you grow and as you aim for bigger goals then things like sales funnels etc come in but if you’re looking to get seen, get your feet through the door and get your initial crop of sales in so you can push on and start your climb to the top then this is as difficult as it needs to be.


Jane Baker is a successful business owner, strategist and coach. She specializes in helping online service based business owners create high end packages and combine them with marketing strategies and sales processes that bring in daily leads and convert into consistent five figure cash months.

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