Why You Need Killer Client Testimonials

Why You Need Killer Client Testimonials

Why You Need Killer Client Testimonials

by Laura Gatsos Young

The numbers don’t lie. Ninety-two percent of customers read online reviews before buying. Seventy-two percent of consumers say positive client testimonials increase their trust in a business. What’s more? A whopping 88% of consumers trust online testimonials as much as recommendations from friends or family.
Great client testimonials are powerful, especially as people are increasingly making purchases online. They are one of the most potent forms of marketing, yet so many businesses fail to ask for them. The truth is people may love your product but don’t even think twice about saying so. That’s why gathering testimonials should be apart of your sales and marketing process.
But not all client testimonials are created equal. The best testimonial inspires your target customer to take action.
If that sounds confusing, read on!

What’s In It For Me?

The silent question we’re all asking when we discover a product or service is, “how is this going to improve my life?”
That’s why the best testimonials show how your product/service has solved a problem or filled a need.

Testimonials by real people also lend you credibility. If a customer is willing to go on the record and attach their name to their feedback, it likely means they believe in you and your product. Loyal customers play a critical role in the know-like-trust process that is necessary to attract new customers.

The Most Effective Client Testimonials

Your business is your baby, so, naturally, it feels terrific to have people shower you with praise. But customers see right through fluffy testimonials about how “great” something is. Remember, people want to know how your product/service will help them.
As a result, the most effective testimonials are specific about:
  • what they loved
  • why they loved it
  • how they were treated & how they felt (the customer experience)
  • the (tangible) results they achieved because of your product or service
These elements will help your audience make a purchasing decision faster.
Next, I’m going to provide you with questions you can ask to get killer testimonials. You can use the feedback (down to the words and phrasing) in your marketing copy everywhere – website, sales pages, emails, ads and social media.

How to Get Killer Client Testimonials

The most touching and persuasive testimonials are detailed, thoughtful and honest. If done right, they will not only help your sales, but your customers will have no choice but to believe that your company is top-notch.
The result? More sales and more referrals!
You will likely have to guide the customer to get a high-quality testimonial.
Here are a few questions you can ask via email or a survey to get first-rate feedback:
  1. What are some tangible results you’ve had since we worked together OR since you purchased? (Provide some examples here to get them going).
  2. How was your customer service experience? Did we meet your needs? In what ways? What specifically did you think worked well?
  3. What was one BIG result you would tell a colleague or friend about from our experience working together/purchasing the product? How has it changed your organization/life for the better?
  4. Would you be comfortable with me sharing this feedback on my company website or social media channels? Can I attribute your name and/or photo?
Always thank your audience in advance for taking the time to answer your questions. Their feedback, good or bad, is invaluable to the success of your business.

Always Be Asking

Many people focus on getting client testimonials after launch dates, but I recommend asking for testimonials often.
As a service provider, I ask for a testimonial or feedback after every project I complete. The information helps me understand what differentiates me from other copywriters. I learn from every testimonial, and I encourage my clients to tell me what I could’ve done to make the experience 10 percent better.
I recommend you do the same.

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