Women & Skilled Trades: A Perfect Match [Infographic]

The skilled trades can provide women with everything they need to be successful in their professional lives. Women who enjoy challenging, rewarding, and exhilarating work will likely find that the skilled trades deliver these benefits and others that can make industries like electrical maintenance, HVAC, and welding extremely attractive.


The Time is Ripe for Women to Enter Skilled Trades

Demand is high for skilled trades workers, and qualified women and men are needed to fill positions. An infographic developed by Tulsa Welding School clearly demonstrates the lack of women in the skilled trades: currently, just 8.9 percent of workers in the construction industry are women. Many of the skills that the trades demand are ones that women typically possess; in welding, for example, workers need excellent math, science, spatial, and artistic skills. Women also tend to have patience, good hand-eye coordination, and steady hands, making them ideal for the precise and detailed work of welding—and that is only one example.


Skilled Tradeswomen Enjoy Financial Freedom and Flexibility

Women can take advantage of the growing demand for skilled workers like welders, electricians, and HVAC technicians. Not only is work in the skilled trades meaningful, it’s financially rewarding as well. While women who become entrepreneurs with their own skilled trades businesses are more likely to enjoy higher salaries and greater flexibility, even those who stick with being employees may earn 20 to 30 percent more in the skilled trades.

Interested in the skilled trades and want to learn more? Check out the infographic below.


Women & Skilled Trades: A Perfect Match



































































































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