Work Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Hacks For Avoiding Time-Wasting In Your Business

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The hustle-and-grind mentality is hard to escape – but many are finding hustle culture is more of a burnout culture and it’s losing its appeal.

It’s time to challenge the hustle myth and work smarter, not harder.

Working hard is something that society extols. But it’s not always the best approach. Yes, your team needs to expend some effort, but they shouldn’t be flat out all the time. That’s a sign that you’re not using technology properly. 

Working smarter, not harder, can improve your productivity AND performance. Working smarter, not harder, means finding ways to use your energy and time more efficiently. This in turn can help you complete tasks more quickly.

You want to put systems in place that let you get more done with less effort. Hopefully, following these hacks will prevent your team from feeling swamped and enable you to serve customers better at the same time. 

Insist On Breaks

Some employees never take breaks, and most traditional managers like this fact. To their minds, it means they are getting more done. 

But that’s not how it works in practice. Team leaders who fail to give their people adequate rest risk lowering productivity.

Therefore, insist that employees take regular breaks. Get them out of the office and move around every couple of hours so they can return to their stations feeling refreshed. 

Power Up Your Mornings

The next step is to change how you do mornings at your business. You want to engage them when they are at peak energy levels, giving them a pep talk before the day begins. 

Many retail companies do this already. However, it has yet to spread to the rest of the business world. It can be a great tactic in office businesses, where you get people brainstorming in the morning when they are at their most creative. 

Automate Meetings

Another step for avoiding time-wasting in your business and working smarter is to automate your meetings. Avoid the temptation to let them turn into a chin-wagging session. Keep them short and sweet, putting up a timer if necessary. 

Supernormal – the most precise AI meeting notes – is an example of a tool now available for the minutes. Instead of getting someone to manually write out the meeting content, you get artificial intelligence to do it for you and then email the transcript to all relevant parties.

You can also set up calendar systems that allow meeting leaders to send out specific invites to people they believe will benefit from the get-together. This approach prevents taking staff off productive tasks. 

Track Your Time

You can also avoid time-wasting by tracking your time and seeing how you are using the hours and minutes available to you. Most managers and workers are surprised by just how much of the day they waste on pointless tasks. 

Time-tracking is now something you can do on the computer. Clever software collects and measures information on what people are doing throughout the day, letting you capture more accurate metrics.

Embrace The Word “No”

The final piece of advice to avoid time-wasting is to embrace the word “no.” While letting people down or refusing their requests feels awkward, it is something you want to enshrine in your business. Workers should have time to focus on the tasks that matter most to the business. Side projects only take them off course.

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