What Would You Do If You Knew Your Dream Was A Sure Thing? by @SheilaViers


by Sheila Viers | Featured Contributor

What would you do if you knew your dream was a sure thing?

Pause for 30 seconds and really think about your answer to this question.

Maybe you would:

Stop worrying.
Have more fun.
Give the benefit of the doubt.
Not hold on so tight.
Not resist, push against, or fight.
Get out of your head.
Live in the moment.
Appreciate the small things.
Celebrate the growth opportunities.
Not take everything so seriously.
Not take yourself so seriously.
Not try to figure things out.
Trust the flow.
Trust yourself.

Overall, for me, the answer is that I’d just let go and find the golden nuggets of fun every step along the way.

I ask my coaching clients this question to get them connected to their power and it typically results in some big a-ha’s.

Sometimes I even ask myself this question in order to shake myself back into remembering what I already know.

When we let go of worrying and start trusting that things are in the process of working out, we let go of our resistance and open ourselves up to all the good stuff – the opportunities, people, “luck”, and the happiness along the way that we miss when we are stuck cycling in our fears and worries.

Sometimes I think our expectations of what life should look like are what hold us back the most. [click to tweet]

We think that we aren’t successful until we achieve the million-dollar paycheck.

We don’t allow ourselves to find fulfillment and accomplishment from a relaxed, laid back day.

I’m sitting here writing to you from a friend’s house while traveling for 11 days, running my business from my laptop.

I’m spending quality time with my family and friends.
I am laughing a lot.
I am relaxing a lot.
I am going with the flow a lot.

Yesterday I laid on a dock at the lake and stared up at the clouds and the sky for half an hour, feeling totally blissed out, like there’s nothing else that I could possibly need in that moment.

These all seem like trivial things and not really a measurement of success for most people, but to me they mean everything.

I may not be entertaining my family and friends on a yacht in Italy (yet) but I am living the “feeling place” of my entrepreneurial dreams. I have a sense of freedom and fulfillment through my flexibility of time and through the work that I do that makes my heart feel like it’s going to explode with gratitude.

Everyday I GET to continue to build my businesses in the exact ways that I want.

I GET to work with the people I do – the people on my team, my coaching clients, and in general all the people I interact with on a daily basis – that help me to be a better version of myself.

These are the experiences we sometimes take for granted on the journey of entrepreneurship and life. We get disconnected from our inner wisdom and forget that an unhappy journey doesn’t lead to a happy ending. [click to tweet]

We allow ourselves to wake up grumpy and stay that way all day because we’re stressed out about all of the things we have to get done.

We ignore our family and friends and rationalize it by telling ourselves that we will pay attention to them when we hit our goal of X.

But let me tell you, these seemingly insignificant parts of life, are actually what make it the most meaningful.

We all have dreams and we absolutely deserve to want what we want and go after it.

My encouragement to you today is to remind yourself often that even with all of the to-do’s and goals, there is so much to be celebrated and appreciated about the little moments along the way, leading up to the big payout.

What would you do if you knew your dream was a sure thing?


sheila-viersHolistic Life Coach & Weight Loss Expert – Sheila Viers, The Non-Diet Approach To Weight Loss

Healthy living advocate Sheila Viers is the CEO of the premium fitness and yoga bag brand, Live Well 360, and Creator of ROCK Your Dream Body. Renowned for her practical and intuitive self-love philosophy, Sheila’s healthy living journey began a decade ago when she decided it was time to end her struggle with emotional eating and self-sabotage for good.

After years of yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, and issues ranging from food sensitivities to hormonal problems, she learned how to get out of “body jail,” lost 35 pounds, and now teaches women how to create this freedom and ease in their own lives.

Today Sheila’s passion is to help women feel amazing in their skin along the way to the greater vision that they see for themselves. Her vision extends far beyond weight loss and her unique ability to inspire women to step into their potential, by ROCKIN’ their dream body and in turn, their dream life, is catching fire.

Sheila believes that together, women can change how we view ourselves and each other so that we can embrace our perfectly imperfectness, shine our light, and allow ourselves to experience the love and happiness that we all crave and deserve.

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