It Takes A Village – Here’s How You Find Yours!

It Takes A Village - Here's How You Find Yours!

by Angie Weber | Featured Contributor

There’s the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child- this is true when it comes to business, as well. You can’t build a successful business on your own- you need a support system- you need a team.

I am blessed to have a team that are total rockstars at tena.cious. Without them, the biz wouldn’t grow and truth be told, I wouldn’t either. With an office full of woman, some might think drama is an overly common occurrence, but the truth is, we have a lot of fun and are each other’s support system.

But to be honest, finding a solid team- one that really works together well- can be easier said then done. And belive me, we’ve put in our time! 

So what is the magic formula? It can vary from team to team, but here are a few tips to get you on the right track (and end up with less turn over). 

Do Multiple Interviews 

In the early years of building a team, it was exciting and perhaps we were a little too quick to welcome people on. After one interview, we made a decision. Quickly we learned this quick + fast approach was not always leaving us with the whole story.

Pull More Employees In

Don’t just stop with multiple interviews, bring in multiple employees. More specifically, bring in the person(s) who will be working directly with the new team member. You may get along with the potential hire great- but how will they mix with the rest of the team? Let me save you some time and tell you to build a solid team, everyone needs to be on board for the ship to move forward.

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Answers 

The simple truth is, some people where made to interview. They can spit out the perfect answers no matter what- even if they are pulling the old “fake it till you make it” approach. On the other spectrum, the person with the best qualifications may not be as quick on their feet to tell you about a time when they handled a stressful situation. Make sure you are looking at other things than just their answers- it will tell you a lot more about the person sitting across from you.

Find Their Why 

Finding out the person’s qualifications and experience is all good, but are you asking one of the most important questions? Are you finding out their why? To find someone who will help build your dream, you must understand what drives them. And I’m not talking about why they want the job- I mean the thing behind it all- the thign that pushes them. Here’s a hint: the right person won’t say money. It’s a simple question that gets overlooked by employers that may leave you looking for a new person quicker then you’d like.

After all of this, are you still a little unsure of who to bring on? Under it all, the one big thing you need is trust. So the next time you are opening up your doors to a new team member, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable handing over the keys to this person from day one. There will be your answer!


angie weberAfter time spent searching for the perfect job and having no luck, Angie Weber was introduced to tena.cious. Not only did she find her passion for small business, she also discovered one very important thing about herself- she is a true intrapreneur. (You know, those people who act like entrepreneurs, but don’t have as much risk in the game?)

While she co-runs tena.cious and helps clients showcase their personalties online, she also spreads awareness about intrapreneurs- the good, the bad, and the ugly awesomeness. If you want to get an inside look on intrapreneurs, check out here podcast, The Intrapreneur Life.

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