Fusion Tour

Is Your National Tour Team A Well Oiled Machine?

by Vernetta R. Freeney

You cannot execute your plan for your national tour unless you have the right people in place. You must be as specific as possible on the type of team members you need as well as their duties and length of assignments.

You need to know the positions or team members you need to effectively pull off your national tour. Examples are a host/hostess, official blogger(s), tour coordinator, marketing members, social media street team, referral team, etc. These are the positions I have for Fusion tour. And I’ve held these positions on other tours.


Fusion Tour

I suggest the following steps to see how each person will fit into your national tour plan. You start with a group call to layout the goal, purpose and expectations of the tour. Then you do individual interview to see if they can verbally fulfill your plan bringing their own ideas to the table. Have a senior team member (if you have one) interview the candidate as well. This gives you two different perspectives. Most importantly, have them send you a portfolio of events they have executed successfully. All of this helps give you an overall perspective on how well these people will fit on your team.

You need to know how you will pay them. That’s part of your budget. Three options are subcontract, hire them as an employee or outsource the work. This allows you to either agree on a fixed fee for that person or you can do commission based fee. I do both depending on the position.

In your job description put how you will pay them. Knowing this upfront will make it easier to weed out the ones who may not be as effective. As a solopreneur hiring the right people is key. They must not only fulfill their duties but add value to your national tour as well.

Get the right people in place prior to putting your plan into action. You can’t have a team without a completed plan. They need something to follow.

Next month we’ll talk about how your team will pull off your tour effectively through a sound marketing plan.




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