Confident Booster

10 Confidence Booster Tips

by Elaine Slatter

Do You Need A Confidence Booster?

There is still a gap in the confidence factor between men and women.  Somewhere along the way on the journey from childhood to adulthood, women become less confident than men in their life’s journey.  It seems like we need a reminder and confidence booster tips!

Research shows that even when women have achieved high degrees of competency in their studies or careers or business, they don’t seem to “own” that success.  We should be celebrating instead of downplaying our achievements.  Rather than dwell on the “why” women are less confident, let’s see what we can do to boost our confidence with these confidence booster Tips.

1) Keep a “Success” Journal

Every time you complete a difficult challenge, write it in the journal. This can be a personal, business or people challenge that you have overcome.  At times when you lack confidence, pull out your “success” journal and regain your confidence.  Never downplay your “success”.

2) Self Belief

Believing you can overcome a difficult task is halfway to achieving your goal. Don’t let fear overcome and paralyze you. That’s a sure-fired confidence killer. If the difficult task looks like a mountain, believe you can conquer it one step at a time. The first few successes to overcome your hurdle will give you the confidence to achieve the rest.

3) Feedback Is Your Friend

Lacking confidence in tackling an unfamiliar task? Get feedback from trusted colleagues. Pose the challenge, get feedback from peers and then implement the suggestions to see which idea (s) work the best. When you have a lack of confidence a peer advisory group can give you great feedback and you can piggyback on their confidence.

4) Analysis Paralysis

Don’t get me wrong, you do need to analyze a problem, but if you are seeking perfect solutions, you will talk yourself out of any action and thereby not be confident to execute ANY solution.   Ditch perfectionism, it has no place in your life and is a confidence sucker.

5) Form Your Own Tribe

Your tribe should be made up of confidence boosters, not confidence suckers.  Stay away from negative people who only see the bottle as half full and are always looking for the downside.  They are not confident people and cannot help you. In fact, they suck the life out of your own confidence as they try to bring you down to their level.

6) Do not Ruminate on Your Failures

Failure is part of success.  Think of your life as a professional athlete in an individual sport like golf, swimming or tennis. Athletes over their career have NEVER won 100% of all the events they have ever entered.  Before they became successful, they have had many failures. The difference is they are able to put the failures out of their minds and continue to be confident that one day they will be successful. Inventors have the same mindset.

I just saw a facebook post from a friend who had applied 15 times at the same hospital for a job and finally gained an interview and a position at the hospital!  She didn’t give up.

7) Get Out Of Your Head And Take a Risk

Want to try something new?  Be confident in your abilities, go through your success journal and as Nike says “Just Do It.”  Some days you feel more confident than others, on those days, tackle all those tasks you have been putting off.  Yes, tackle them head-on, tick them off your list and put them in your success journal.

8) Confidence is a Muscle

What?  Yes, it is, it’s an invisible muscle that we have to exercise so that it becomes stronger with more repetition.  Athletes visualize their success before they have actually achieved it.  They are confident they will achieve their goal by ‘seeing’ the finish line and focusing on it.  Controlling your mind to shut out the negative thoughts so that all that remains is the confidence of success.

9) Build Your Confidence One Day At A Time

Try something new every year. Live your life BIG. Overcoming a fear will give you more confidence in fear-busting.

10) Collect “confidence” quotes and put them on your vision board or in your “confidence” jar.

Here are a few of ours…. just remember “Be Confident”  Still not convinced, check out our podcast with Professor Maja.

“If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything.”

Katy Perry

 “It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”


Do you have confidence booster tips?  Tell us about yours.

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