11 Tips On How to Write the Best Converting Email by Helen Holovach of @snov_io

by Helen Holovach

Email still remains the best option to reach out to people and convert them. Yet, not every email is converting. To compose emails like a pro, you don’t need to pay dozens of dollars or take courses. You only need to keep in mind 11 simple but working rules.


Tip 1. Use a Powerful Subject Line

The conversion rate depends on every detail and begins before the email is opened. To get the email opened, compose a short subject line (6-10 words or up to 32 characters), use power and emotional triggers, and personalize it. If appropriate, use emojis.


Tip 2. Check Your Sender’s Name

People have to know who is reaching out to them. Do not be an anonym or just Helen; be Helen from Snov.io. Show your professionalism and reliability.


Tip 3. Personalize Every Email

Dale Carnegie said, “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

Stick to this golden rule to write the best converting emails. In marketing, personalization stands not only for the person’s name but also for other professional details: company, position, desires, needs, etc. Personalize every email you send to the fullest to get the best results.


Tip 4. Craft an Appealing Email Copy

It all depends on the niche you work in. Within the B2B niche, plain-text emails work best. They are simple, reserved, and look professional. Though if you still love bright HTML-emails or you work in the B2C niche, do not be too crazy about HTML formatting. Avoid bursts of colors, use many white spaces, use a single-column template, make the email minimalistic but informative.


Tip 5. Do Not Be a Spammer

This tip is composite. Keep in mind these points to not land in the spam folder:

  • Get the people’s consent to receive emails from you
  • One link, two fonts, three colors
  • Shortened links are a taboo
  • Text-to-picture ratio is 80-to-20
  • Test your emails before sending with a er tool
  • Avoid link tracking where possible


Tip 6. Be Short

Do you have time to read every email you receive? No, you just scan them through, delete, reply or mark spam within a few seconds. So do your email recipients, and if the email is too long, people delete it without actually reading. This is why, compose short emails (up to 200 words) and get to the point right away.


Tip 7. Design an Outstanding CTA

The call-to-action button or link is what will help you improve the email conversion rate. Make it bright and outstanding. If the email background is green, use the red color for the CTA.


Note: one CTA is enough for the whole email. Otherwise, your recipients will get confused about where to click and what to do.


Tip 8. Avoid Email Attachments

Email attachments have a negative impact on email deliverability. The heavier the message, the fewer chances it is delivered. The lower the delivery rate, the lower the conversion rate. Genius lies in simplicity.


Tip 9. Learn the Spam Words List by Heart

Spam trigger words are your enemies. Get sure you are not using words like money, now, off, free, discount or anything similar that activates spam filters and people’s anger. All your efforts of writing a converting email may go down the drain and your email will fly directly to the spam folder.


Tip 10. Give People the Right to Be Forgotten

Admit it: not everyone is crazy about your offer. People may just not be interested in your product.


I know, an unsubscribe link won’t directly improve the conversion rate, but at least it will reduce the spam complaint rate. That’s rather optimistic, isn’t it? 🙂


Tip 11. Send Emails on Time

To not turn into a complete spammer or get lost in the inboxes of your recipients, learn when they are most favorable to new emails. Also, find the time zones they live in. With this info, it will be super-easy to schedule personalized drip campaigns.


Extra tip

Email is a masterpiece and demands attention. If you concentrate on details and control, you will become a first-class copywriter. The most important thing to remember: double-check your emails to be sure they are professional and will convert every lead!




Helen Holovach is a dedicated copywriter for Snov.io blog. She’s passionate about email marketing, deep research, statistics, mobile games, and singing songs to a guitar.





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