12 Simple Ways To Create Healthy Habits For Success


by Kiara Rose Wade

You may not realize it but we create habits on a daily basis. It can be by the way we tie our shoelace to the way a person interrupts consistently in a conservation. However, some of those habits have negative effects on our ability to achieve success. In addition, there are plenty of different habits that can sometimes start to weigh us down, specifically, when it comes to managing our time. So here are 12 simple ways to create healthy habits for success.


1. Set 3 Most Important Goals. (MIG)

What do you want to achieve today/week/month?

2. Single Task.

You should never feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. Tackle each task one at a time. Performing a single task at a time allows you to put all of your focus on that specific task. This is when you can work to the best of your ability without worrying too much about the five other things you have to get done throughout the day.

3. Process Your Inbox to Empty.

Are you a person that lets your emails/text messages or even voice messages sit in your inbox all day or even weeks? I want to encourage that you process each individual item slowly to read/reply/empty. This is how you begin to declutter the clutter that has been created. You will be surprised at how good you feel once you see your inbox go from 1000 messages to empty. However, never try to do this all in one day. Allocate certain times throughout your week or even weekend to respond.

4. Check Social Media Minimal.

When it comes to social media, I am quite the social media queen. I find myself always on my phone Tweeting, checking Instagram or even writing back to friends via Facebook. Sadly, it has become a necessity in society today and it’s a bad habit that I have formed since purchasing my first phone. So here is my first tip. Start by checking your phone maybe at lunchtime or even at the end of the working day. Social media should NOT be apart of a working day! Second tip. Turn off all of your social media notifications whilst at work so that you are less distracted. I have found this to be such a great way to get me through my day. Afterall, you want to be successful right? Create a routine that works for you.

5. Exercise! 

This is such an important element to increase overall health and wellbeing. I encourage you to step away from your typical surroundings and go for a walk, join a gym or even find an at-home workout routine to incorporate into your everyday routine. Your health and well being are just as important as reaching your full potential for success.

6. Work While Disconnected. 

While it may seem like it’s easier said than done, you will be pleasantly surprised at exactly how much work is done while you disconnect from the world. However, it can be extremely difficult to get away from the phone if your work requires a cell phone or office phone during the day. So my advice is never let your phone dictate the amount of work you get done throughout the day. If that means taking a well-deserved break then take it. Don’t be afraid to step away from the world and just breath.

7. Follow A Morning Routine.

I cannot stress how important a morning routine is. Whether that involves a nice big cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast, a good read of a newspaper, or even to take your dog for a walk, a morning routine can really set the pace for the rest of your day.

8. Eat More Fruit, Vegetables & Drink More Water.

The most important aspect to this point is to stay disciplined. Although, it may seem quite difficult to incorporate one item into your diet the benefits of adding just one simple item is worth it! If you are anything like me and struggle to eat vegetables, I would incorporate just a small item per meal and then build upon the amount. That also includes water. As a former athlete, I am quite the water girl so to ensure you drink enough water throughout the day fill a bottle of water up to sip on throughout your working day. It can also be as simple as ordering a glass of water while you’re out with colleagues at lunch. You should find a system that works best for you and stick to it!

9. Keep Your Space Decluttered. 

There is nothing like a clean space to work. Whether you work from home or travel to and from an office, decluttering your space has been said to improve performance and overall focus. It can include things like; remove all the sticky notes you accomplished today into the trash, organizing your desk or office space, set out your next day work before you leave – the list goes on. Never walk into a cluttered space, instead, walk into a room that is clean and create the clutter by working hard. (Then clean up after yourself)

10. Prioritize.

It is totally okay to say, “NO!” If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and work harder than your opponent, drinks at the pub every night will not work – prioritize your list. I am not saying say no to everything because a little time away is essential but know your limits!

11. Declutter House & Bedroom.

Take 15minutes out of your day to declutter any space you are currently living in. It can be as simple as clean the dishes, fold a load of washing, vacuum the house. Never let your space get to a point where it takes over the time you should be working.

12. Take 20Minutes To Research Your Field Of Work A Day. 

This is probably one of the most important and why I left this point until last. You must dominate and keep up to date with your field of work. Whether it is a quick read in the evening or during a lunch break, success doesn’t just come from nothing. There should always be a feeling of uncomfortable because there is ALWAYS room for improvement.


So there you have it. 12 simple ways to create healthy habits for success. Remember never overwhelm yourself with too much work, stay disciplined with a good diet and exercise frequently. Make sure to Research your field of profession every day for just 20 minutes, and never work in a cluttered environment.

Success. Anything is possible.




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