20 Ways to Grow as an Entrepreneur

by Dr. R. Kay Green

The hallmark of an entrepreneur is someone who is always striving and working to be their best. As such, a lot of entrepreneurs benefit from setting goals that can help them grow into the best person they can be. I have put together a list of 20 goals that entrepreneurs can pursue in 2020.

  1. Start a blog. Starting a blog is more than just a way to promote your business or grow your audience. It gets you thinking about what you do and why you do it in new ways. Writing a blog can help you solidify what is really important to you.
  2. Join a new networking group. One of the best ways to grow as an entrepreneur is to meet new people. Networking groups are a great way to make connections and learn from people in your industry.
  3. Join a LI group. What are people in your space talking about? LinkedIn Groups are full of relevant articles, conversations, and more. If you want to keep up to date on the latest trends and what other people are thinking about them, this is a great step to take.
  4. Revamp your website. If your website is outdated, chances are good that you have not really considered how your business looks or how you would like to appear to your audience. A refresh can change the way that you think about yourself even as it changes the way others see you.
  5. Try a new business venture. The best way to grow is to try new things. Even if you later decide that this is not for you, it does not hurt to at least try. Being open to new experiences moves your career in new and interesting ways.
  6. Take a risk. It can be tempting to stay in our comfort zone. But real growth comes from trying things that might fail. Through risks, we learn — whether that is because we succeeded, or because we discovered a way not to do something.
  7. Public speaking. Public speaking is something that a lot of people are understandably frightened of. But it is great for improving your confidence, connecting with new people, and making you a better business person who communicates clearly.
  8. Start a vlog. This combines the benefits of blogs and public speaking. It also encourages you to show off what makes your business great — and it means you will likely be keeping your workspace looking it’s very best.
  9. Go on a retreat. Retreats are different from vacations (which, to be clear, you should also be taking). They are a chance to engage with what you do in a different location, learn more about your industry, and get away from the daily stressors that keep you from being your best.
  10. Ask for help. As you grow, you might begin to feel as though you do not need help from anyone else. But this cannot be further from the truth. Never be afraid to reach out to others who are at different stages than you for help.
  11. Find a niche. Who is your audience? If you cannot answer this question clearly and concisely, you probably do not have a niche. Finding one helps you to be more focused in your efforts, targeting people in more meaningful ways.
  12. Know your limits. As much as it is important to “hustle” and do your best, you are not a robot. You need to know when to take a step back, when to stop for the night, and when to delegate tasks that you cannot do.
  13. Start a podcast. Podcasts are becoming even more popular, and are an inexpensive way to get your voice and thoughts out there. Take the opportunity to listen to podcasts in your industry and see what others are doing.
  14. Set actionable goals. Goal setting is an important part of growth and success, but something that many overlook. Take the time to set actionable goals and make sure you set deadlines to complete them.
  15. Track metrics. How do you know if you are actually growing? You track your progress. This is why metrics are an important part of growing as an entrepreneur. They allow you to make sure that you are on target for completing your goals.
  16. Do something that scares you. We do not grow by staying in our comfort zones. Facing your fears and overcoming obstacles is an important part of growth in any part of life, and entrepreneurship is no different.
  17. Try a new social media strategy. Do you have a social media strategy? If so, when was the last time you updated it? Social media is constantly evolving and changing, so a refresh is always a good idea. Look at the new platforms available and see where your audience is.
  18. Poll your clients. Do you know what your clients actually think about you? Are you in tune with their needs? Reaching out to see why and how you can meet the needs of your existing clients can be enlightening.
  19. Take a class. No matter how long you have been in business, there is always room to grow. Take a class on something new or on something you feel you know well. No matter what it is, you will probably learn something.
  20. Empower people to learn. This might mean running a class or a webinar of your own. But it could also mean hiring someone to create custom learning content for employees around you. This leads to you being surrounded and supported by an intelligent workforce.

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