3 Beliefs Successful Online Entrepreneurs Need + How to Believe Them


by Christine Lynn

Have you ever been to a karaoke night and seen someone sing so badly but with so much confidence? They truly believe that they have an amazing voice. Thinking about confidently terrible karaoke singers is how I remember this important fact: You are allowed to believe whatever you want to believe. There are no “belief police” that will come and arrest you for believing that you’re a good singer even if you’re not. 

Some beliefs will serve you more than others, of course. After five years as an online entrepreneur, first as a successful blogger and now as a productivity coach for entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there are three key beliefs that successful online entrepreneurs need. 


1. I have endless creativity. 

When you believe that good ideas are hard to come by, you’ll want to save each good idea that you have for the perfect moment. You can end up saving everything good for later which will keep you stuck right where you are. 

If instead, you believe that you have endless creativity, you’ll use up each amazing idea that you have, knowing that more ideas will come to you — they’re endless! You’ll also probably spend time brainstorming and be more likely to experiment and try new things. 


2. People love my content. 

If you produce any kind of free content (emails, Instagram posts, podcast episodes, etc.), it serves you best to believe that people love the content you produce. Yes, you’re allowed to just believe that!

If you’re thinking that no one cares, you will dread creating content, lack creativity, and half-ass it. Believe me. I know. 

How would you act if you truly believed that people love your content though? Would you come at it with a higher energy level? Would the quality of your content increase? Of course!


3. My offer is the best way that my ideal customer can spend their money. 

Whatever you sell (coaching, courses, services, digital or physical products, etc.), do you believe in the value of your product? Do you believe that it will improve someone’s life? 

I used to have a hard time making offers to potential clients because I didn’t want to bother them or create a situation where one of us might feel awkward. I let my insecurities keep people from being able to experience the amazing transformation that my services produce. 

When I started focusing on the belief that my offer is the absolute best way for someone to spend their money, I started showing up differently. My new belief is stronger than my insecurities, which means that I make offers because I don’t want anyone to miss out on what I provide. 


How to Believe Something New

Believing something new isn’t always easy. If you’re currently stuck in the belief that you’re not creative and never have any good ideas, you may not be able to just flip a switch and start believing that you’re endlessly creative. 

One simple way to baby step your way to a new belief is to add the words “It’s possible that…” to the front of that new belief. 

  • It’s possible that I have endless creativity. 
  • It’s possible that people love my content. 
  • It’s possible that my offer is the best way that my ideal customer can spend their money. 

Starting with “It’s possible” helps create a little wiggle room in your brain so that you can start to release your old belief and start looking for evidence that the new belief is true. 


Wrapping It Up

You get to believe whatever you want to believe. Terrible karaoke singers get to believe that they’re amazing. So choose beliefs that will serve you as an online entrepreneur. 



Christine Lynn is a certified life coach and productivity specialist. She works one on one with female entrepreneurs to help them get more done in less time, fully relax in their downtime, and finally achieve their biggest goals. Get her free 50 Journal Prompts for Entrepreneurs guide here.






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