3 Mindset Shifts to Create more Success in your Business by @beck_ruiz



by Rebecca Ruiz | Featured Contributor

Let’s be honest your mindset is your number 1 most powerful tool you have in your business. When you are within a space of positive mindset you create more success in your life and business. When you are stuck within a negative mindset you hold yourself back from achieving this success because of old belief’s, fears and not believing in yourself. This is why mindset work is powerful as it gives us all a opportunity to really step up and take notice of our thoughts. It’s amazing when you start to trust and believe in yourself positive things will start to change in your business.

Today we are going to talk about 3 steps to bring you more awareness around your own mindset.

  1. Facing your fears

Fears will always be present in our daily lives whether we like it or not. That being said what if you could make friends with fear and use this to your advantage? Let’s dive in to see how we can do this.

As business owners we are constantly learning, growing, trying new things and working with new people. On a daily basis we looking at new opportunities and are always going through a new period of personal growth. With each new opportunity we will face our fears as they are always going to be present, it’s how we choose to work with these fears.

Start bringing awareness to your fears and know when it’s present in your mind. Once you have this awareness you have always a choice if you wish to pick positive or negative mindset, I use guided meditations and EFT tapping to make friends with my fear. I challenge you to find a tool that works for you to practice daily to help you make friends with your fear.

  1. Let go of the need to control your mindset

Your mindset will be made up of positive and negative thoughts with different thoughts constantly present throughout the day. When we hold on to our controlling thoughts we are stopping ourselves from being open to new possibilities in our business.

Instead we want to welcome change by choosing to release the control, open ourselves up to receiving and let more success flow our way. What do we need to do to the release this control? I would use the same tools as above in fear to bring awarenss to your thoughts. Another handy tool is getting your thoughts on your computer screen or write them in your journal. Getting your thoughts out of your head is giving yourself space to really work with your current mindset. Next time you are faced with a controlling thought use these tools to reopen the possibilities.

  1. Being confident with being you

Right now I’m writing this post for She Owns It and it’s all part of me sharing my point of view by being confident through my writing. In our businesses it’s all about being confident in your marketing, your content and engaging with your clients so they can get to know the real you. Which means that having a successful mindset by get comfortable with being you.

Start focusing on one particular action first for example blogging, networking events or maybe your social media posts in Facebook groups. Get confident with the first tool before moving on to the next. This step-by-step process is allowing you to get experience on the first level and then you can move to the next visibility level. As long as you are taking action and building your mindset slowly at the same time you will build more confidence.

Now we have gone on this mindset journey together we have looked at our fears, looked at our controlling mind and got confident with being ourselves. We now have the mindset to really trust and believe in ourselves to create more successful moving forward. The road won’t always smooth but having the awareness and the tools from above your mindset with now be a smoother journey from now on.

I would love hear from you below on what mindset tools do you use in your business to create more success?


Rebecca RuizRebecca Ruiz is a certified confidence life coach, professional copywriter, blogger, and freelance writer at Life Perceptions based in Perth Australia. She inspires women entrepreneurs through her one on one life coaching to build their self esteem along with their confidence to create more success in their life and businesses. She runs her exclusive invitation only small group program “Mentoring for Success” twice per year.

Rebecca has always being a writer since she was a child and now uses her skills as a professional copywriter. She loves making words come alive by writing web copy, SEO and sales pages that helps women entrepreneurs make more money. She combines her unique style of coaching and copywriting skills to teach women how to write their own copy with confidence. She also loves freelance writing, blogging in her favourite areas of personal development and travel for online magazines.

When Rebecca isn’t working she loves practicing yoga along with sampling gourmet food and wine with her husband.

You can find out more and connect with Rebecca on https://www.facebook.com/lifeperceptions and Twitter.

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