3 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve your Copywriting @beck_ruiz

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve your Copywriting @beck_ruiz

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve your Copywriting @beck_ruiz

by Rebecca Ruiz | Featured Contributor

It’s no secret when it comes to your website, your marketing material and social media posts the most important thing is your copy. When you have clear and engaging copy that speaks in your audience’s language they will respond to your copy instantly. They will want to learn more about you, what your message is and they will keep reading on which is the most important thing. When your copy is done badly it will be challenging to reach your audience, convert sales and get people to stay on your website or social media page.

In the entrepreneurial world there is so much competition as more new businesses are starting each and everyday. We are all different by having something only ourselves can offer our clients, which is our unique talents and skills. If we don’t convey this in our copy with our audience they won’t know enough about us to be even interested in buying from us. We have to reach out and grab their attention which means that we have to write copy that sells.

Copywriting isn’t as difficult as most people think and yes I am a trained copy writer but I can share 3 tips that will help improve your copy writing starting now.

Who is your audience?

Yes this is an extremely basic question but do you really know your audience? Writing copy for your audience is easy when you know your target market really well. When you find writing your copy challenging it’s often because you don’t know enough about your audience’s needs.

When I started out in my business I interviewed 8 women already in business (my target market). I asked them about their challenges, what they found easy, what they needed the most help with and I really listened to their words. I looked out for words they used a lot in our conversation and the way they spoke. This was important because you want to be able to speak in your audience’s own language.

The clarity I got from these conversations gave me the information I needed to write copy that spoke directly my audience. I used this insight for my website copy, my blog posts, marketing material and social media posts. My challenge for you is to really get to know your audience, speak with them to find out what they really need.

Write authentic copy

 Like I said earlier there are many businesses and websites out there on the web. I know for a fact we all have a glance from time to time at what other entrepreneurs are doing in our field. There is nothing wrong with having a look but it’s important not to copycat what they are doing.

When you are in a serviced based business like myself (copywriter and confidence life coach for women) I sell my services every single day. The reason clients are interested in reading about my services is because of writing my copy authentically. I’m 100% being myself, sharing my celebrations and challenges, giving my audience tips like I am right now on copywriting. My writing is in my own style, my words come from my heart and I’m sharing my knowledge from working in my field. This is the key to authentic copy be yourself, share your expertise’s and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

On every piece of copy create a call to action

Whether you are writing a blog post, creating an advertisement, a social media post or anything copy related remember your call to action at the end. The audience reading your copy when they get to the end of the post you want to engage with them. What did they think of the post, what did they learn or it could be a simple question to see if they would like to learn more about what you offer? Ask them an open question at the end to gain a response from them. Open questions are questions where they can’t give a yes or no answer and good tip is to start the sentence with “what” as it’s an open question. A call to action is good for a few reasons it gives you an opportunity to know your audience better, to give them something they can action themselves straight away and possibly a future client.

As you can see it’s a win/win situation with something so incredibly simple like asking a question at the end of each piece. Give it a try next time.

What a fantastic journey today on the discovering 3 quick and easy ways to improve your copywriting, thank you joining me to the end of the post. Now you get the treat of the call to action question. What’s one thing you can do to improve your copy writing starting right now? Please share with me below.


Rebecca RuizRebecca Ruiz is a certified confidence life coach, professional copywriter, blogger, and freelance writer at Life Perceptions based in Perth Australia. She inspires women entrepreneurs through her one on one life coaching to build their self esteem along with their confidence to create more success in their life and businesses. She runs her exclusive invitation only small group program “Mentoring for Success” twice per year.

Rebecca has always being a writer since she was a child and now uses her skills as a professional copywriter. She loves making words come alive by writing web copy, SEO and sales pages that helps women entrepreneurs make more money. She combines her unique style of coaching and copywriting skills to teach women how to write their own copy with confidence. She also loves freelance writing, blogging in her favourite areas of personal development and travel for online magazines.

When Rebecca isn’t working she loves practicing yoga along with sampling gourmet food and wine with her husband.

You can find out more and connect with Rebecca on https://www.facebook.com/lifeperceptions and Twitter.

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