Is your confidence affecting your business?


by Chrysta Bairre

Your self-confidence is directly related to your success in business. And it’s not just your confidence in yourself that matters- it’s your confidence in your business.

Are you confident asking for new opportunities? Are you confident asking for the sale? Are you confident asking to be paid what you’re worth for your services?

Is your confidence affecting your business?

I had a recent conversation with a service-based business owner who told me she was frustrated she had to reduce her pricing because her nearby competitors were charging less. I asked her, “Are you providing a quality service that benefits your clients?” She told me she was.

I asked her, “Are you providing unique value and service to your clients?” She replied affirmatively.

I asked her, “Are you losing clients to your competitors?” She said, “No.”

Finally, I asked her, “Do you think what someone else charges affects the value you provide to your clients?”

Comparing ourselves to others is one way we, as women, undermine our confidence and the value we provide in business.

When have you compared yourself to someone else in your business, and how has that affected your success?

If you’re starting to wonder if your confidence is affecting your business, well, the answer is yes, it is. Fortunately, you can boost your confidence and, as a result, boost your business, too!


Is your confidence affecting your business?

7 ways to boost your business confidence


1. Identify your unique value

Consider how you are unique in your business. How is your product or service uniquely qualified to solve your customer’s problems? What makes you unique sets you apart!

2. Qualify your value

Know that you’re good at what you do! What are your client’s success stories? What results do you consistently achieve for your clients? When your clients rave about your business, what do they say?

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

Instead of comparing yourself to your competitors, focus on being the best at what you do. Provide the best customer service. Get your clients the best results. When you’re the best, the competition doesn’t matter.

4. Ask for recommendations and referrals

You have clients who love you and your work so don’t forget to ask them for reviews and referrals!

5. Practice gratitude

The more grateful you are, the more you’ll have to be grateful for and the more confident you’ll feel about your business. Regularly thank your clients for their business. Thank your business partners, employees, and vendors, too!

6. Say no

Say no to opportunities that aren’t a good fit for you and your business and you’ll have more time and energy for opportunities that are a good fit. And do not feel guilty about firing clients. You don’t need everyone’s business.

7. Take 100% responsibility

This is your business, so take 100% responsibility for your successes and failures. Stop blaming your circumstances or other people for how things are going in your business. When you take 100% responsibility you ask better questions, find more solutions, have more freedom, and enjoy more success!

Being a business owner is hard- it’s really hard. Some days you’ll feel on top of your game and other days you’ll feel like a failure. Sometimes you may even fail.

Nurture your confidence regularly and you’ll have more success in your business. Revisit this post as often as you can to keep your confidence high and your business going strong!




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