3 Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Coach Emma Heptonstall www.sheownsit.com

3 Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Coach

3 Reasons Why You Need A Divorce Coach Emma Heptonstall www.sheownsit.com


by Emma Heptonstall 

You’re a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur and so I’m guessing that at some point, you’ve had a Business Coach? So, let me ask you this:

What were your reasons for hiring a Business Coach? Were you stuck in your business and needed to know how to move forward? You wanted someone to support you? You needed help with some goals and some planning. It is likely that you wanted one or all of these things as you grew your business. So far, so normal.  But what happens when your relationship comes to an end and you’re running a business? Double stress right?

In this article, I’ll share with you the 3 reasons why you need a Divorce Coach if you’re a business owner going through a divorce.


So what is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce coaching is a bit like the Business Coaching I talked about above. Divorce Coaches help you through your ‘stuckness’, help you set some goals, they keep you moving forward assisting you to navigate and get your bearings and avoid the pitfalls of the divorce process. A Divorce Coach helps you find the resources within you to move forward. Just like Business Coaching, Divorce Coaching is very solution focused.


What will a Divorce Coach do, and why do I need one?

  1. A Divorce Coach will help you get clear and get you out of the ‘stuckness’ you may be feeling.
  2. A Divorce Coach will listen, then help you set goals and plan for the future.
  3. A Divorce Coach will hold you accountable and keep you moving forward, even when it feels too difficult and you want to say ‘enough’.


a Divorce Coach is a necessity not a luxury


So how does the Divorce Coach work?

A Divorce Coach works by taking you by the hand and guiding you through the divorce process.  They help you get clear about the decisions that you need to make in your divorce and together, you look at the options available. Perhaps you need collaborative law. Perhaps the traditional court process is more appropriate for you. Perhaps you would benefit from Family Mediation.  A Divorce Coach will help you look in a relaxed and informal manner all of these approaches to your divorce.  In my Seven Step Divorce System,  I also take time to ensure that you are investing in yourself, and what’s important to you right now. It might be that your values have changed since you first got married and that might be a contributory factor in the breakdown of your relationship. That’s okay, that is normal. As we grow older many of us change. Our values change, what’s important to us changes, and our outlook and our belief systems can change. Sometimes sadly, these do not change at the same rate as our partner, and divorce is the only option. It’s similar to the growth of your business. You might have noticed that the vision and dreams that you set out with when you set up your business have grown and developed over time. You don’t give yourself a hard time about this, now do you? Because you see that as your business grows and develops, it’s perfectly normal that your ideas for your business will change and grow. Sometimes some of us are lucky enough to grow and develop at the same rate as our partners meaning that we can stay married forever. However, for increasing numbers of people, this is not the case. A Divorce Coach helps you get clear about what’s important to you right now, and helps you ensure that you get your value needs met not only through your divorce but setting up goals and boundaries for future relationships. It might be, that during the course of your marriage, you shut down your values and pretended that were not important. Divorce Coaching helps you get back in touch with the things that matter to you. It’s only by living your truth can you truly be happy.

Divorce Coaches help you to stay out of your head to move forward with confidence.  Divorce Coaches can help you look at your finances and get clear about what they are. After all, you’d be quite happy to go and take some advice from your accountant in your business, wouldn’t you? You ask your accountant to explain the figures to you in your business and to advise you about where you need to make changes; to explain to you what is working well; to look at your profit and loss or your over well over financial well-being. A Divorce Coach can help you get clear about your personal finances. That’s not to say that you don’t need independent financial advice or the support of a lawyer, you may well need both of these but a Divorce Coach can help you get organized, get familiar with your paperwork, and get you ready to see the financial experts.

 So you see, if you’re a business owner and you’re getting divorced, a Divorce Coach really is a necessity, not a luxury!




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