4 Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest


by Sharon Mendelaoui

I am amazed how many blog or website owners I come across that are not on Pinterest. I keep meaning to start. I just haven’t got around to it yet. I’ve heard many excuses. However, the thing is Pinterest is the next biggest search engine behind Google and YouTube. If you have a website and you want traffic – you need to get on Pinterest. Here are the benefits of Pinterest for Website Owners and Bloggers.


If You’re Not on Pinterest Here’s Why You Should Be


Reason #1 Pinterest Provides Inbound Links to Your Website

If you build your Pinterest strategy correctly, you could create an inbound link to every post and page on your site.

The keys to building these links are:

  • Create a pinnable image and post it on a page or post it on your site
  • Pin the image from your website to the board on your Pinterest account
  • Repin or schedule pins to multiple boards on your account and find group boards to pin to as well
  • Do this at least once for every post or page on your site

Be warned. To be successful, your pins have to look good, and be the right size (not horizontal and small and not overly long). You may want to invest in a graphic designer like me to help you out if you are not creatively inclined. Look at what other businesses like you are doing and keep note of which pins have more repins and likes than others.


Reason #2 Pinterest Drives Traffic to Your Site

From my own experience and from what everyone is saying online as far as social media channels are concerned, Pinterest is the number 1 source of driving traffic to websites. I’m not talking about a few hits a month; I’m talking thousands. So the investment of time to create a pin and post it on my site establishes an ROI in the form of lots of traffic. Once you start applying your pin strategy – you’ll notice the change pretty quickly.


Reason #3 More Traffic = More Purchases

If your website business is about product purchases, it has been shown that Pinterest is the best social media channel when it comes to purchasing conversions. A user will be more likely to buy an item after clicking a link from a pin than any other social media channel. In fact, most users on Pinterest are there to research and make a decision on a purchase.

Reason #4 Pinterest Will Show You What Your Customers/Readers Like
It is simple really, the pins they pin the most are the things that people are searching for the most. If you provide tips to consumers, you will understand which images and content they appreciate more as they pin them to boards for safekeeping. Check out your analytics once in a while what people pin may surprise you and help you provide more information to your website visitors.


Some Important Pinterest Facts

  • People come to Pinterest in search of new ideas and inspiration
  • More than 90% of users come to Pinterest before making a purchase
  • User engagement on Pinterest is very high
  • Pinterest is not just filled with women 40% of users are men, and this number is growing




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