5 best business podcast episodes for women entrepreneurs

5 Best Business Podcast Episodes for Women Entrepreneurs

by Elaine Slatter

Our passion is to help women business owners grow their business. If you are on the go, podcasts are a great way to learn from business experts while you are on a walk, in the gym, driving or working. We have curated the 5 best business podcast episodes for women entrepreneurs from our collection.  Listen to some great advice from some of our awesome podcast guests.

5 Best Business Podcast Episodes for Women Entrepreneurs

Here is a glimpse of each episode. Click on each heading to listen to the podcast and all these podcast episodes have special offers for the listeners.  You don’t want to miss them.

1. “Can you have true love and a successful business?”

Tracey-Ann Greenhow, NLP expert,  explains how to manifest the right person that fits with you.  Don’t go chasing the wrong guy! But don’t give up on finding that rewarding relationship. 

2. “7 Steps to delivering on your dream to be an entrepreneur”

Author Crystal Dawn Church explores how dreaming can help you on the road to entrepreneurship.  She explains the 7 step process, dream, declare the dream, design it, document it, detail it, delay and deliver. 

3. “The specific niche factor”

Marketing expert, Christiane Mohr, explains how being a generalist will not help you grow your business.

If you become an expert at a specific niche you will better be able to focus and develop your offer but also target the right people who want you to help them.  She explains the three elements of finding your niche and your ideal clients.

4.”Entrepreneurial mindset for women”

Author, educator and business consultant, Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, believes that women can embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.

As  COVID-19 moves into year two, more and more women are leaving the workforce for a multitude of reasons.  Entrepreneurship is something that women can consider because they have many transferable skills that will translate into a business.  If you are at that stage in your life, this podcast is for you.

5. “Compelling Selling”

Many entrepreneurs struggle with sales conversations and signing up new customers for their products and services.   Dr. Nancy Zare, author, educator and sales expert breaks down the selling process.

Nancy explains the four different buyer types: red-hot successful buyers, harmonious buyers, orderly buyers, and educated buyers.

Each buying style has specific characteristics and therefore as the seller you need to adjust your selling style to match the buyers style before you will close the sale.  Not all buyers have the same traits as you!

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