5 Essential Keys You Can Use When Things Don’t Go Your Way


by Kiara Rose Wade

We have all been through some type of day or event that just doesn’t seem to go to plan. Speaking from experience days like this can be a little bit frustrating. In fact, it can really test your patience. Entering adulthood was probably one of the most challenging experiences I ever encountered and although it was an exciting time of my life there are things that didn’t always go my way. Based off my experiences, I want to share with you 5 very basic but essential keys that I believe will help you through the process of how to handle when things don’t go your way.


1. The 24 hour rule.

My husband came up with this wonderful idea. When something has become so stressful in your life take 24 hours and step away from the problem. That means, if you didn’t get the promotion you wanted, or reach a target of some sort it’s okay! Step away. The 24 hour rule allows you to asses the problem, find a solution and learn from what went wrong. You should never let the events that took place distract you from a better tomorrow. It is a new day! 24 hours allows you to clear your mind, there shouldn’t be anymore added stress and you get to start all over again – how awesome is that! So I encourage you, when things don’t seem to go your way take 24 hours to asses, fix and learn.

2. Balance emotion and logic

Emotions can certainly play a huge role in decision making. I encourage you to acknowledge your emotions. That is, if you are required to make a decision do not solely rely on your emotions to do so. Here is where the 24 hour rule helps. During your 24 hours here is where you begin to pay attention of your emotions and identify how it could influence your behavior. Okay, lets be honest here our first reaction to any negative situation is to get emotional – it’s normal. But I want you to make an effort and find a balance between emotion and logic. Take a deep breath 1…2…3.

3. Consistency

When I think about the word consistent, I think about my ability to remain in a positive state of mind. Easier said than done right? But over the years I have learned that if I remain in a consistent positive head space and continue to better myself every day then I can’t be mad at the things that don’t go my way.

4. The blame game has to stop.

The worst thing you can do is start pointing the finger at others! This why the first three keys are so important. Assess the situation first before you start playing the blame game.

5. Believe 

The last point I want to share with you because we can get so caught up on all wrong things whilst not getting what we want. I know I have a bad habit at jumping to the worst conclusions but I want to encourage you to believe that there are better things to come. Whether you receive a parking ticket, you lost your job or didn’t get the promotion you wanted, time is wasted worrying about what you could of done rather than what can be done now!


Remember that the 24 hour rule is your best friend, balance emotion and logic and remain consistent in your thinking. Stop blaming the person next to you and lastly, believe that better things are on its way!


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