5 keys to unlock how to lead like a woman in the 21st century by @AngeKYoumatter

by Angela Kambouris

In a time of great change upon our earth, women are awakening into who they truly are. A world where we all thrive by embodying our authentic power and wisdom to lead courageously from love. Women are global thinkers who innately lead from a deep inner wisdom into game-changer action. They lead a path less traveled.

Women have been impacted by oppression for centuries. Women have been killed, tortured, burnt at the stake for the wisdom, their power and leadership. Still to this day, inequality between men and women continues to exist. Despite the same qualifications and skills, women continue to receive less pay than a man worldwide. Women are the nurturers, creators and the sustainer of life. Women know that every voice holds a piece of wisdom. Ultimately, we need a feminine approach to find new solutions within a rapidly changing business world.

Let’s delve into 5 keys to unlock the door to lead like a woman:

Our most treasured gifts– Vulnerability and power

When you are grounded, centered and serving from a place of love, you hold your authentic power. Your vulnerability freely exists as you hold no judgment and wear no armor. You are raw, naked and human. When your presence is seen, your rawness frees others to be themselves and inspires women to uplift others. When you stand in your truth, you connect with people in a real way.

Build a circle of support

Over centuries and traditions, women joined circles irrespective of age. These circles maintained a standard that all were honored and supported. In ancient spiritual traditions, circles often represent wholeness and the cycle of life. It’s time to shift and create circles in the business arena. A mutually supportive space where talents, gifts, skills and vulnerabilities are shared. A space where women leaders can ask for help, let go of the steering ship and lean in and allow others to take charge. Leaders create leaders.

Lead by example

When a hurricane hits, what do you do? Become still. When challenging news arrives, often people’s physiology changes and decisions tend to be reactive. The fight or flight mechanism kicks in rather than leaning into the fear or discomfort. The true test of power is being who you are in the midst of any circumstance, maintaining connection to your internal sense of self. From this place, you can move relationships and work with integrity, clarity and grace.

Be a professional human being

Have you experienced the unpleasantly of a boss that undermines your decisions publicly? Perhaps attacked by a co-worker as mummy and daddy issues are playing out? Or you seem to be the central point for all the water cooler talk? Projections.

If you want to lead, it comes with the territory. Leaders are often bear the brunt of outside unresolved issues and inside work frustrations. And if we are being honest, leaders do project on others as well. The circumstances cannot be controlled however how we choose to respond is ultimately up to the leader. Acknowledge what is happening, connect with the person face to face and inquire what they might be experiencing. The human element is often missing in workplace and by establishing a genuine human connection, the projection bubble can be burst. Our business is not to change others, it is to be the change we wish to see. Be bold and lead.

Superpower of women leading is human connection

Neuroscience reminds us that women are humanely wired to connect and form relationships. If you try to lead without connecting, no one will trust you or feel safe. Some tips on how to engage in a dance with people with a purpose to connect:

  • Be curious about your followers. What they like to do, the family environments, cultural events and traditions, what do they love to on weekend. Share a little about yourself and invite conversation about their role, how they feel, what they might need, challenges they are facing
  • Identify a behavior, attribute, experience or quality you appreciate about this person and notice how they feel
  • Presence is the gift. Be with them, listen to them and give them an opportunity to be heard and seen. Be aware of your own world and theirs at the same time. When you are present you can understand and see others.
  • Speak and listen from the heart. Genuine appreciation makes people feel safe, seen and more connected. You grow more inspired, alive and confident people when you actively appreciate rather than criticize people. A culture of connection grows. Build a bridge to include the whole human being.

When we honor ourselves, we can honor others. Ignite your flame to serve something bigger than ourselves. Sometimes you do not know where the path is, or what to say or how best to serve however what you can to is a make a declaration that you will hit the pause button to reflect and tune into the world of possibility. It takes a quietening of a busy mind to begin to hear the subtlety of the inner voice. Your leadership is essential. Your gifts and voice are needed. As the Dalai Lama remind us that perhaps our world would be more peaceful with women in leadership around the globe.


Ange is a highly-valued leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma. She built a high-level career as an executive and transitioned into a business owner, built an online and offline business and worked with world class human influencers. Ange is super passionate about unlocking human potential to deliver extraordinary results. She has spoken on stages and worked with thousands of people in the areas of self-development, leadership, mindset, human behavior and business. Ange has been featured in major publications as an influential coach and speaker for people to unlock their potential and step into their leadership mastery. Ange has featured as a writer and contributor for The Huffington Post, About Leaders, Global Thrive and writes her own blog as well http://angelakambouris.com/ . Ange loves travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, especially their food. She has master-minded with leaders and expert authorities in personal development and business all over the world.


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  1. Katya Davis

    Hi Angela, I am sending again as previous went through with wring details. Not sure you remember me, we were at Reiki level 2 together. Maria and Emerald were there too. And Maria Lacey of course.
    Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring article.
    Katya x
    PS: Is the article a blog?

    1. Angela Kambouris

      Thank you for your kind words. A pleasure to reconnect.

  2. Katya Davus

    Beautiful and inspiring reading Angela. Thank you. Not sure you remember me but I was at Reiki level 2 with Maria and Emerald … you were doing a refresher. Blessings
    Katya x

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