5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Unique Method (and Winning Ideal Clients)


“I’ve got all this expertise and I’m so good at helping people get real results. But since I do so many things, people are confused about what I do. Honestly, I don’t even know exactly what I do, but when I coach my clients, I always end up having these insights that help them get clarity.”

If you read that and could relate, I want to tell you something: You’re not alone.

Over the years, I’ve coached so many vision-driven experts and coaches who have one thing in common: they’re extremely good at what they do, but don’t know how to communicate the value of their work.


And because they can’t clearly articulate HOW they can help people, they find themselves stuck: 

  • Constantly trying to prove themselves when they feel like the results they get should speak for themselves
  • Feeling overshadowed by people who have less experience, but better marketing skills
  • Not having the kind of visibility (or income) they want, need, and deserve
  • Making good money, but not able to scale up to where they want to be

Not only have I worked with people who are stuck not knowing how to market themselves — I’ve been there myself!

I was certified and qualified in all these things I loved: dance, theater, yoga, qigong, and energy healing. And I was really good at using those modalities to help my clients with their businesses. 

I knew there was a way for me to integrate all of these things into my business, but I had no clue how to do it in a way that made sense to other people. 

So, from the outside, I looked scattered. People were confused about what I did and what to call me. And nobody was seeing me as an expert in anything — even though I was great at helping my clients. 


I felt unseen, undervalued, and underpaid.

I knew something had to change! 

And I bet that’s the point you’re at right now. 


You want people to see you as the expert you are. You want them to be excited to have you speak on stage. You want to attract and book clients with ease — without having to persuade people that you have what it takes to get results. 

I 100% understand, and I’m here to tell you that this can be your reality — and not only do I want it for you, I’m also going to share with you what I personally did that changed my business . . . and my life!

The key to getting your meant-to-be, premium clients to feel CONFIDENT that you can get them the results they desire is to create, name, and claim a unique signature method that lays out a clear process for HOW you will guide them to their end goal.

Sure, you can adopt someone else’s method . . . but if you’re like me (a multi-passionate visionary who doesn’t do anything the cookie-cutter way), that’s not gonna work for you. If it could, you wouldn’t even be here reading this article. You have to pull together all of your expertise and experiences into a process that feels natural and intuitive for YOU — because that’s where that magic you can’t explain comes from. 

The goal is to have a clear method that positions you as an expert, protects your intellectual property, and sets you apart from your competition. 

Once you have a clear system or pathway a system or pathway you can share that shows potential clients exactly how you’re going to get them from where they are to where they want to be, you’ll find that the gap between people being interested in working with you and people actually taking the step to become a client will close up. 

Your unique method takes people from feeling unsure and confused to being able to clearly see their (as Donald Miller so beautifully puts it) “Hero’s Journey” where they overcome all the obstacles in their path and emerge on the other side, triumphant. 

Ready to get started creating your unique method? Here are the 5 steps I took to create my Elevate to Thrive Method. This is also the exact method my students use to create their own client-winning signature methods. 


Step 1: List your mechanisms and expertise (all of them!)

The goal here is to get clear on EVERYTHING you bring to the table. Think about the different expertise and life experiences you have. Don’t compartmentalize and leave parts of yourself out. 


Step 2: Identify your ONE Thing (the soul of your method)

What transformation do you help others create for others on a deep level? Remember, this doesn’t have to be part of your marketing language. It’s a deep, intimate, and spiritual thing that you don’t have to share with anyone. But it’s important to find it as it will guide you in the rest of this process. 


Step 3: Create a roadmap by organizing everything into steps or pillars 

This is all about getting your “magic” out of your head and into a method in a way that’s so clear you could teach someone else how to do it. 


Step 4: Name and claim your method & protect your intellectual property

Focus on the OUTCOME of the method when you name it. What does your client crave or want? Create a name (and possibly a tagline) that describes that.


Step 5: Elevate your offers, messaging, and marketing

Update all of your marketing channels (social media bios, website, saes pages, etc.) to include your Unique Method.


Once you have your Unique Method and have fully integrated into your business, it will be so much easier to amplify your impact, revenue, and freedom.

Remember, your Unique Method can evolve over time, so don’t view it as set in stone. Start with step 1 and let me know your results!

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Relinde Moors  is the founder of the Elevate to Thrive Academy. Elevate to Thrive helps vision-driven coaches and experts integrate their expertise and energy to create a sustainable and easeful flow of business.

Her clients have turned their freelance work into multiple 6-figure thriving businesses, changed to 3-day workweeks while doubling their revenue, and moved to their dream country with their now 100% location-independent online empire.

Her signature approach comes down to creating a clear and simplified business strategy & elevating your subconscious beliefs to support your goals.

Relinde lived and worked worldwide and recently found her way back home to a beautiful little ‘castle’ in a Dutch forest.

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