6 Traits That Characterizes The Essence Of Being A Strong Woman @SheinBusiness

by Aakanksha Srivastava

Since the History Books state it, the Governance of the Civil Laws mean it and the Society in general follows it, have we, as 21st Century Citizens ever tried to figure out the epoch where we began to consider women to be the members of the weaker sex?

NO! Not Really!

But Seriously! Did God send us with an attached label that bracketed us to be the debilitated being of the genus?

So, why do femmes all around the world still have to prove their power and strength in regards to whatever field they boot up for?

They absolutely shouldn’t.

And there shouldn’t be any urge for you to do the same. A strong, confident woman portrays her robust and fierce characteristics with her captivating demeanour, her stark wit and compassionate vehemence.

The vibe around such woman makes her stand apart. And you should too try to imbibe the same characteristics in your personality as well.

Remember: Whatsoever, the weight of the truth your speech expressions might sustain, Your Acts would always manifest what your words cannot!
So Shall I or Shall I not?

No! No! No! No! No!

(Apparently, there is going to be a good count of No’s in the article, so, you should better try to perceive it as an adamantine word of honor)

Now, retorting to the specific question, you must understand that you do not, at any point of time have to self-doubt yourself. As females, we are bestowed with the capability of 6th Sense and Intuition. We almost, majority of the times, know the road that could be taken for our goodness sake. So why shall there be a room for bubbles of incompetence? Go where your inner voice directs you to proceed! You should not even care to listen to the unwisely and negative opinions put up by others. This, subsequently, brings us to our next point:

Owning up to the Mistakes. Now, now, as per the majority: minority ratio, there are a few chances of us making the wrong decisions for certain things. And it is OKAY! As a strong woman, you should know how to battle out your tough circumstances. I mean, nobody has got their life sorted. And then Sorted often oughts to be kinda Boring!

And as the exceptional Author, Isabel Allende once quoted, “We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to test”, it should be our reverence to comprehend the depth of her writing.

The next point, is rather, a very complex and delicate one, and Mother’s Day being (a) round the corner, having an acknowledgement about the fact of the many a times our mothers, grandmothers, the wives, the daughters, sisters, girlfriends have performed to be the backbone during our tough times, it is a humble request for all of you, to Not to Unfollow your Ambitions and Life Goals for looking after the household. After all it is a matter about your career.

Now. Please try to understand this with a calm mind. Your family should be your priority. Undoubtedly! But you should remember to fulfill the purpose of your life. And do it at the most definite. I mean come on! Women can balance their work and personal life very well. Many have and so can you. And now when the whole world is going digital, you can take care of your family and look after your job and business while discharging your personal duties! You can start up your own business, pledging upon the burgeoning of your talent. And a Platform to Reform Digitally, ‘She in Business’ lays out exactly an opposite proposition for all the aspiring women entrepreneurs out there. Getting enlisted in the Ace Directory of the particular website could turn the wheels of your Business Goals, hence, affirming you the deserved progression of your Business. So, Register now with ‘She in Business’ Business Directory to observe success in both your professional and private life!

Now, according to facts stated by ‘Dove’, a Personal Care Brand owned by Unilever, 70% of women do not relate to how they are represented in Media & Advertising. It is the Foundation of Comparison that Ruins your Self-Esteem and Confidence. But Woman! You are definitely worth it! And you do not require a backing by the society for the approval of who you are, what you look like, where are you from. A single streak of credence regarding what an incredible woman you are, is just enough for you to get going. Do learn from others, but do not weigh up your life with theirs! Remember! Everybody is fighting a battle of their own! You are there to focus on your Goal.

So, Constant Challenge to Yourself Would Encourage You to Take Risks.Make sure as a Strong, Independent woman, you should embrace yourself to not to live in a bubble. Being exposed to tough situations could help boost your conviction towards your goals and yourself.
And lastly, keeping this point short and simple, always strive to Be Realistic. Do not overplay your strength. You do not have to unnecessarily give explanations to people for any act of yours. Be certain that Confidence is Silent. Silence is Classy. And Insecurities are Loud.

Therefore, wrapping it up, I would like to emphasize again_ you as a woman are not liable to prove your strength to any individual on Earth. All the traits mentioned are to be imbibed, not to be flaunted. Make sure of that!

Happy Empowerment to you!



With her thirst for innovation, Aakanksha Srivastava devised a remarkable initiative of ‘She in Business’, a Prominent Feature Directory and Nexus Platform that could help in reforming the presence of Women Entrepreneurs Digitally. With a passion to uplift women, Aakanksha pulls out all the stops into her work. And not just limiting herself to that, Aakanksha transpires to be the Co-Founder of the ‘The Aspiring CEO’, a Digital Media and Marketing Agency as well. To know more about the strong-willed lady, visit SheInBusiness.Com

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