The Secret to Successful Entrepreneurship Learning

by Dr. R. Kay Green

Many people ask successful entrepreneurs, “What is your secret?” And they will cite things like dedication, passion, or even strong networking skills. But here is something to consider: If you were to ask “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you know,” I would be willing to bet that not a single entrepreneur would answer this with a 10.

That is because successful entrepreneurs recognize that they are lifelong students.

Learning is the secret weapon that many entrepreneurs do not mention, not because they are ashamed, but because it is so natural to them that they do not even think about it. Most industries are complex, and there is always more to learn about them.

Even if you could learn everything about a certain industry, that industry is bound to evolve or change. If you are still operating in the exact same way you did ten or even just five years ago, you are likely missing out on some of the new and exciting updates.

This is why learning is so important. Entrepreneurs have their “finger on the pulse” of their industry, so when there are any new and exciting updates, they are one of the first to learn about it.

But, of course, the learning does not stop there. Once they learn that people are doing something new, they learn why, and how, and who it benefits. They make it a point to become an expert, even though that is a long and time-consuming process because they want to be able to give their clients the best service possible. And the best service possible comes from knowledge.

Successful entrepreneurs love it when they realize that they do not know something because they treat it as a chance to learn. They do not dig their heels in and insist that their way is better — they take the time to learn why things are being done, and if they make the choice to go against the status quo, they know why they are doing it.

These entrepreneurs have a deep understanding of their industry that comes from constantly being open to new information. And they recognize that there is always more that can be learned.

Successful entrepreneurs do not just accept new knowledge when it is presented to them, either. They actively seek it out, enrolling in classes and researching new learning platforms. They take advantage of exciting new opportunities, like e-learning platforms.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, accept this mindset. Wearing the label of a “lifelong learner” proudly moves you from a fixed mindset to a growth one. And as you grow your knowledge, you will see your business follow suit, as you become more familiar with what the industry wants.


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