Spark Emotion with an AbunDANCE of Movement

by Pamela McCormick

The movement of your body as it rhythmically moves to the sound of the music creates an image that can be visually pleasing to others. This same concept of moving with rhythm is applied in graphic design, in editing a video piece or editing a novel so that the reader or viewer is compelled to visualize the story in their minds. The end result of this “masterpiece of movement” can be amazing when you observe people reacting positively to your efforts. However, it can also touch your heart in a way you never expected. You feel inspired. Your heart overflows with abundance.

My term for this is ….Abundant Inspiration.

Inspired is what I feel…Right now.

I am halfway through a local charity dance competition. I was initially unsure about participating. Basically I carried an internal fear of the unknown when it came to my own abilities to take on the challenge. However, as I wrote recently, all it took was a SHIFT of MIND to face my own fears and JUST DANCE IT OUT. And now I’m overflowing with gratitude and abundant inspiration.

I have learned about myself in so many ways. I realize that many of the things I teach my students, I actually need to do myself. (As in, listen to my own advice!)

Three things I often say, but now believe EVEN more, as they apply not only to DANCE but to family, business and LIFE as well.

“Don’t overthink the steps, sometimes you need to just let it go and MOVE.”

Tap into your own emotions and dance from your heart. Use that passion to express the character of movement you are conveying. It will show on your face and your body if you do that.”

Trust in yourself, trust in your dance partner. Believe that you can do it and you will shine. Win or lose, you can leave knowing you did your very best.”

Technique and experience certainly has their place, but unless true emotion is involved, the pieces may fall flat. When trying to touch a chord with your audience, you need to move them, make them FEEL something (good or bad) … and you need emotion. That emotion can drive them to action.

For the charity dance off in which I’m involved, our team’s enthusiasm has driven people to action, to donate and vote. We are representing a somewhat unknown charity in our own community — Leelanau Christian Neighbors (LCN) — but an important one, nevertheless. By shedding light on this amazing organization we can begin changing the world, one person at a time. We can feed the hungry, help those in need, and offer emergency assistance when times get tough. So far, with the help of the underwriter (Team Elmers) and the hard work, sweat and dancing from my partner and me, along with many friends/supporters, we have raised an incredible amount of money for LCN , over $80,000 so far. And there are still two events left!




That is what my heart feels. That is what will help the charity. That is what will inspire us to keep working hard toward our goals. That is what this event is all about.

I am overflowing with heart, with passion, with blessings, and gratitude for all of the support from the community. I am thankful for new friendships found, and for the other amazing charities, dancers, teachers and band. I am thankful for this opportunity to DANCE for charity. And DANCE we will…

What will your DANCE be today?



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  1. Steve MC

    I love to dance, when no one’s watching. An entrepreneur friend of mine is developing a wearable device that makes music to the dancer’s movements. When people move together, to the sound of music, beautiful creations happen. Her name is Loretta. She’s the real deal. @ChunkBob

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