5 Reasons You Should Give Jotform a Try by @SimplifyWebsite

by Kristal Reagan | Featured Contributor

When I find new technology or a new system that I get excited about, and I don’t excited often, I burst at the seams to share it. This is one that actually had to grow on me because it wasn’t something I thought I needed.

Jotform, have you heard of it? It’s this great online service you can use to build forms, surveys, and more and then embed into your website, any website. When I first heard of it through my Business Mentor Clare Luffman (I just love her) I silently thought, “Why do I need that? I have Contact Form 7, I use Aweber to create my subscribe forms, I use PayPal to create my payment buttons. That’s just crazy, why do I want to create yet another service login that I’ll forget to use.” That’s what I thought. Then I was working with a client and I had to use it. I did my usual eye roll and signed in and started poking around, did what I needed to and went on my way. Didn’t think much about it again, cause I had what I needed for my business right?




Or so I thought…then another client had a specific need and the plugin I referred her to was causing trouble so I suggested Jotform. I mean my business coach uses it so it can’t be all bad and it would do exactly what she needed. My client needed a little instruction so I registered for my own account, played with it extensively and was blown completely away. The integrations, with EVERYTHING  I use and so much more. I realized I could one-stop create forms and buttons that would integrate with Aweber, PayPal, create surveys, create contact forms so much more quickly than using Contact Form 7, quicker than logging into Aweber to create or update my subscribe form, no longer having to double duty PayPal by creating my own, prettier button, and creating a payment button in PayPal. I can do it all in one quick little quaint place. Jotform that once received an eye roll response is now one of my most favorite online tools that I am referring everyone to. I feel like I need a huge stop sign in one hand and a directional sign in the other directing all my clients to Jotform. I don’t make a dime to tell you all of this. It’s a really, really great service and I wish I hadn’t eye rolled it in the beginning.

Now I skip adding Contact Form 7 to WordPress installations and if my clients don’t have a Jotform account, I don’t ask them if they’d like one, I create one for them and use it to create all forms, and buttons for their website. Then I teach them how to use it and not one client has complained about this awesome feature.

5 Reasons you should give Jotform a try:

  1. It’s free. There are premium accounts but to get started and try it out is completely free, so why not give it a chance (don’t eye roll it like I did)
  2. The forms are SSL secured
  3. You can integrate with several payment sources (not just PayPal)
  4. Create email subscribe forms easily (multiple services to integrate with as well)
  5. It’s easy and quick to learn with more control over design

Watch this video I made to get a good overview of how to use Jotform and integrate it with other services:
Using Jotform On-Screen Video


Kristal Reagan, Tech Expert-Owner SimplifyWebsites, Raleigh, NC

kristal-reaganHey y’all!  My name is Kristal and I’m a 100% born-and-raised North Carolinian, currently living in Raleigh. I’m a home-based business owner, wife of 10 years, and stay-at-home Momma to four wonderful children (ages 9, 6, 3 and 8 months.)

Let me make a confession. I’m a tech-geek and a gadget-girl! I LOVE technology and I LOVE teaching others about it. I especially love helping those who are self-proclaimed “technically inept.” It’s my joy to SIMPLIFY technology for them and show them how to use it to make their lives easier.

If you’re like many business women, you’ve spent countless hours and dollars on your website, but you still don’t love it. Or you love the look and it’s “pretty,” but it’s not fully functioning, meaning it’s not collecting new leads, it’s not deepening the relationship with your leads, and/or it’s not converting your leads to $ales.

And maybe you’ve wasted tons of time trying to figure out technology on your own. Or worse, there are times when the thought of technology seems so overwhelming that it stops you in your tracks and it keeps you from moving your business forward.

I’m here to help turn all that around for you! I promise to speak your language, and not use “big techie words”. I love to create step-by-step, how-to videos that teach YOU how to streamline your business and I’m really looking forward to that and being a resource for you!


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