Fusion Tour

The Attendees Impression of Your National Tour

by Vernetta R. Freeney 

You’ve worked for months to pull off a successful tour. It’s finally the day of your event stop. What will the atmosphere feel like? How will you greet your attendees? What will the layout of the room be? These are questions to help you provide an exceptional experience at your tour stop.


Fusion Tour

This aspect is also a part of your national tour plan. First impressions matter to most people. But what I like to focus on is what they will receive at Fusion Tour. I focus on what they can takeaway and apply immediately in their business.

People want to know what they paid for will return to them. You want to ensure you are giving the highest possible quality to all attendees. You need to have a schedule of events planned out for the day in advance. This helps with the layout of the room.

The day needs to flow without a hitch. Yes things happen but your attendees should not see that. They should only see the experience you planned to give them. Your team needs to be positioned and ready to fulfill their duties the day of. Now all of your team members may not actually be there the day of but the ones who are there need to know their exact duties.

Think of all the events you’ve been to in your life. What feelings did you experience from the ones you loved? or the ones you loathed? Now take that into consideration when you are creating the ambiance for your event. You want your attendees to leave with the same feelings you experienced at the events you loved.

Here’s one tip I know works to give your attendees an experience they can remember. You must provide answers to all their questions before they even ask. This goes back to knowing who you  plan to target for your tour.

If people come to your tour and you already have plans in place to respond to their questions, they will remember that. It shows you are well prepared.

Next month we’ll talk about how your follow up play a vital role in the success of your tour.





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