Sleeping Your Way to the Top: 5 Reasons Sleep Should be a Part of Your Business Model by @tiffulcher

Photo Credit: SphericalBoy via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: SphericalBoy via Compfight cc

by Tiffany Fulcher | Featured Contributor

As an entrepreneur who lives in an overtly social sharing world I am oftentimes inundated with pictures, words, and posts that describe the lifestyle of a successful business owner. This social sharing serves as a form of motivation in a space that can be reclusive and lonely at times.

One of the most over shared myths I see often is that entrepreneurs don’t need  or should not take time to sleep. Instead they should be on their grind, working into the wee hours of the night building, creating, and expressing themselves in a way that is bound to be financially rewarding.

I at one point embraced this model, believing wholeheartedly that sleep was for the lazy, the ones who are less determined, or don’t value risk. However, as a wife and mom of 3, I quickly learned that not only is sleep vital to my life, it has become a necessary part of my business model and here’s why:

1. Incompetence – Can we just start here? Lack of  rest equals lack of competency, which in turn keeps you from making you sound business decisions.  Your are ineffective and mistakes are bound to happen. Large companies with hundreds of employees may be able to get away with mistakes but entrepreneurs, small businesses, and solopreneurs not so much. Adequate amounts of sleep helps with brain function, efficiency, and concentration.

2. Creativity– Have you ever had a day where not one creative idea will pop in your head. Yeah, me too, as entrepreneurs we are naturally creatives. Our creative minds need to be able to function and flow in order to build more, engineer more, and remain fruitful in our business. Although everyday may not require new ideas, expanding on old ideas or even providing content for client services and products requires your mind to be fresh and innovative.

3. Health and Wellness– This one is huge! I have heard it said that if you shoot for simply getting 8 hrs of sleep a night you can easily lose weight without changing any other habits. I am sure this maybe skewed a bit, but the truth is rest is a large part of your health. When you sleep longer and well you are far more likely to make better nutrition choices and wellness choices. These choices feed your brain which in turn causes it to function better. Sleep is also directly related to cancer, inflammation, and stress.

4. Irritability – Have you ever had very little sleep and it caused you to be on edge all day long? No, well let me just tell you its the worst feeling ever. When you fail to get adequate amounts of sleep it can cause serious alterations in your mood. You can range from irritability to anger and lessens your ability to deal with stress. Clients, employees, and family members become far harder to deal with and please when you are exhausted. Getting adequate amounts of sleep increases your energy levels and puts you in an upbeat mood so that you can handle the pressure and stresses of the day.

5. Work Smarter Not Harder – Lack of sleep is typically a sign of being overworked and not being strategic in your outcomes. Oftentimes as entrepreneurs we attempt to do EVERYTHING when we should only be doing certain things, like running our business for example. If you are up late completing administrative tasks, sending emails, or checking voicemails its typically due to a lack of proper scheduling and not working your daily properly. Working smarter allows you to have more time in the evening, scale up the company when necessary, or hire out those items that are time wasters or don’t pay you.

Those are just a few reasons why sleep should be incorporated into your business model. I used to be all about team no sleep, now I am all about 7-8 hrs of rest at night. Not only have I seen a huge difference in my work, I have lost a few pounds, and I am happier in the morning which I am sure my husband and kids can appreciate. Try it out for a week and let me know how it works out.


Tiffany Fulcher – Life Purpose Architect

Tiff_2-1Tiffany Fulcher is an entrepreneur, speaker, and life purpose architect tm boldly encouraging women to live their lives by God’s design. She provides inspiration and motivation through Tiffany Fulcher llc a personal and professional development company. Her practical yet strategic approach helps women to overcome obstacles and pursue limitless possibilities.

She compels others to walk in their authority, embrace their extraordinary, and to own their influence. Through her development and leadership training Tiffany equips her clients with the tools to help them define their purpose, set goals, and confront challenges that keep them from pursuing the enriching life God has planned for them.

Tiffany also owns Education Outsource, which serves to teach and train educators, schools, and organizations on the rising trends in education technology and how to implement these trends in effectively in the school and organizational environment.

Always considering matters of the heart, Education Outsource also provides teachers and administrators with leadership and personal development training encompassed around the educator influence.

As a writer and media personality Tiffany has been featured on ABC’s affiliate Good Morning Texas as an expert and blogger, Essence Magazine online, The Fort Worth Star Telegram and countless other news and media outlets.

Tiffany’s heartbeat and passion is her family. She simply adores her husband of 11 years, Fred and 3 kiddos, Symone 3, Trey 6, and Sydnei 9.


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