Author: Carolyn Edlund

Carolyn Graham Edlund founded a production ceramic studio in the early 1980’s and sold her work at retail and wholesale through stores and galleries for more than 20 years.  Subsequently, she represented art publishing companies to the trade as an outside rep. In 2009, she became an art blogger and founder of Artsy Shark, named on of the “Top Ten Art Blogs” by Art Business News. She is also the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute, and speaks at art conferences and workshop events around the country. She invites you to connect on Facebook and Twitter.

10 Tips to Improve Your Work-at-Home Experience by @ArtsyShark

by Carolyn Edlund | Featured Contributor Are you one of the the millions of Americans who have embraced working on your own in a home office or studio? I am, and have done so for decades. It enables me to live where I like (near the beach) and pretty much choose my own lifestyle. If […]

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Choosing Your Path by @ArtsyShark

by Carolyn Edlund/Featured Contributor My husband and I recently had dinner with several retired couples that we know, and the subject of work came up. It turned out that each person at that dinner had a similar story. They put in long years working at a large company, or for the government. During those years, […]

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The Worst Customer Service

    After an hour on hold and no help in sight from a big internet service provider, I was ready to cancel my service. A visit to their Facebook page revealed over 300 angry comments from other people who couldn’t get any assistance either. Now that’s bad customer service. But sometimes big companies have […]

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The Ideal and the Real by @ArtsyShark

by Carolyn Edlund | Featured Contributor Sharing an authentic message always makes a better connection. The other day, I posted a guest article on my blog at Artsy Shark, written by a visual artist who is not a writer. He didn’t talk about his accomplishments or a great success that he’d achieved. He wrote about […]

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5 Steps to a Winning Business by @ArtsyShark

by Carolyn Edlund | Featured Contributor   What separates the successful small businessperson from the wantrepreneur? I run lots of strategy sessions in my consulting business, especially with artists, and it’s not uncommon to see people frustrated with their results because they are making the same mistakes over and over. These are mostly related to […]

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