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Katherine Kotaw — Branding Strategist and Storyteller, KOTAW Content Marketing, Los Angeles, CA Meet Katherine, a song lyric mangling, dog loving, iced tea guzzling CEO and entrepreneur who’s inspired by the words of Dr. Seuss, the spunkiness of Mary Tyler Moore, and the wardrobe of That Girl’s Ann Marie. Katherine is the founder, spirit and Chief Storyteller of KOTAW Content Marketing, a Los Angeles-headquartered international boutique digital marketing company specializing in branding through storytelling. KOTAW is Katherine’s passion project, the culmination of over 20 years’ experience in journalism, marketing, and business. KOTAW was built from the treasured memories, lessons, experiences and stories collected by Katherine throughout her professional career, which has included an apprenticeship with advertising legend Steve Frankfurt, covering the Olympics as a reporter, writing two New York Times acclaimed books — one, a best-selling business parable, the other a memoir recently adapted for the silver screen and greenlit for Fall 2014 production. Fueled by dark chocolate almond clusters (by the fist-full) and an unwavering lifelong passion for words, Katherine spends her days and nights creating marketing and branding magic for individuals and companies through the power of storytelling. Connect with Katherine!   TwitterFacebookPinterest
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Crafting a Better Life

Crafting a Better Life for Themselves: The Will-Do Spirit of Female Artisans   by Katherine Kotaw Women don’t give up. If there’s one fundamental reason why women succeed as entrepreneurs, it’s that they simply refuse to be defeated. No matter what their circumstances. No matter what obstacles stand in their way. I know a lot […]

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My Client is a Crook! Hurray!

by Katherine Kotaw  OK, that wasn’t precisely my reaction when I found out that a man whose business I’d been promoting was under investigation for fraud. And that his assets had been seized by the Secret Service. I was angry and alarmed: Would I ever get paid? Would my reputation be damaged? Could I recover […]

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Don’t Blame Google if You Brand Yourself Neurotic

by Katherine Kotaw  Google Hangouts on Air is both the greatest — and worst — gift the geniuses in Mountain View, CA ever bestowed on us. Sure Gmail and Google Search are nice, but they’re sort of like getting socks for your birthday. We need — and rely — on them, but we don’t send […]

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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Funds with Dual Branding

by Katherine Kotaw Are you a box of Cheerios or a bag of toasted o’s? A bright yellow box of expertly branded goodness that commands that coveted eye-level spot on grocery store counters or an undistinguished container of brown cereal that no one would want if it weren’t 30 percent cheaper? When ambitious CEOs build […]

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Don’t Do This! Dodge These 2 Personal Branding Disasters

by Katherine Kotaw Nursery rhymes are terrifying. Almost as scary as personal branding. Which is why I referenced Humpty Dumpty in last month’s post here and why “Ring Around the Rosy” springs to mind now. Childhood songs and poems seem fun and innocent when you’re five.  But then you grow up and realize the fictional Humpty […]

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Don’t Do That! 3 Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid

  by Katherine Kotaw  Your personal brand is like Humpty Dumpty — it may not survive a great fall.  But even lesser missteps damage your reputation and may give the king’s horses more repair work than they can handle. Don’t count on nursery rhyme characters to protect your image.  Here are 3 tips to keep […]

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