When You Are Almost There, Don’t Give Up. by @365startupgirl

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Vivier via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Vivier via Compfight cc

by Amy Miller

Ladies, let’s be upfront. We’ve all been there. Right at the almost tip-top of our game – glowing and gleaming with happiness and energy as clearly we are just about to take on the world. We are the “up and coming”, the one everyone is counting on to make an incredible next move.

And then, it happens.

We meet him (seriously, he’s THE ONE). He’s gorgeous, charming, charismatic, successful — whatever boxes you wanted ticked, he checks them. We can’t help but think to ourselves, what if another him never comes along again? I better shape myself to be the perfect girlfriend so he sees what a great catch I am!

This my friends is a mistake.

Trust I have done this more than once in my life which is why I am able to write about it and why I believe it to be a mistake. The problem is not with meeting the one but with somehow thinking that you are not worthy of him and that you must do everything you can to prove yourself. This moment, the one before critical mass, is delicate. If you are like me (and I suspect you are if you are on this website), you will have been working hard for it for a long time. Give your hard work the time and attention it deserves so you can reap the benefits of all that labor. If “the one” is truly the one, he will stick around to see you succeed.

Heck, he should even cheer you on. Anything less, I would argue, is simply not good enough.


Amy MillerAmy Miller is the founder of Élevé Technical Innerwear. She enjoys entrepreneurship, yoga, fitness, cooking, traveling, fashion and hanging out with her nine year old son. She believes entreprenuership should be an option for any young woman who wants to make it a career path, and, she strives to be not only an example but also an inspiration.

Follow her on Twitter @eleveinnerwear and @365startupgirl.

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