4 Basic Link Back Building Ideas by @patchworkposse

by Becky Jorgenson | Featured Contributor

Keywords are a great way to build back links with other bloggers.  Not only do they help us when we use them in our content, images and tagging propely, but when we grow backlinks from other blogs it can help us even more.

There are a few ways you can build backlinks with other bloggers.

Guest Post– writing an article for someone else is a great way to control the content you are sharing, use keywords that you want to build authority on, and reach out to others who discovered you yet.  When writing an article, pick a topic that you would like to build your authority on.  If you have found those keywords that you are already authority on, use those as a springboard for articles.  Follow the outline to using keywords in your post, and make sure that one of the keywords has a link back to your site- to a specific post that is also talking about the keyword linked.  This link will do full circle for the search engines and share that not only do you write about it on your blog, but you also write about it on others, thus giving your more authority.

Link Lists– this might be a list of resources….example- my favorite how to’s for blogging. The list will have the keyword, then the blog name.  The keyword would be linked to the specific post about that phrase or keyword on your blog.  You can include links to other sites, using their keywords {if you tag team with a few other blog partners}  They can post the list on their sites also- with your keyword linked and name, along with a few of their own links.

Newsletters–  While these don’t get indexed by the search engines, they do help you grow your reach.  Whether this is your own newsletter that you send to your readers, or someone else’s list, this is a great way to tell your readers what you are an expert on and using those keywords again will build your credibility with them.  When advertising or writing an article for someone’s newsletter, keep in mind the keyword and link it to a specific article on your site which is all about that keyword.

Social Media– placing your keywords in your shout outs is becoming more important.  You use the hash tag # before your keyword in twitter, pinterest, and google plus because they use these for searches.  This will help followers or new users to find you easier when they are searching for a new topic.  You can see what’s trending and use those #tags if they are relevant to your topic.  Just as in the newsletters, you can use this for your own social media or have your blogging partners share on their platforms for you.

Having your links on other sites is important.  You will want to be seen everywhere, by everyone.  The only way to do this is to build your exposure.  While doing this, pay attention to the words you use and the links you use with those keywords.  Take advantage of being featured on someone’s blog, list, social media and newsletters.  Paying attention to this can give you more authority in the search engines eyes-  they notice you everywhere too.


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