The Beginners Guide: The Art of Setting Limits

The Beginners Guide: The Art of Setting Limits


by Kiara Rose Wade

Setting limits is one of the most powerful tools that professionals use to promote positive change in behavior. In addition, it helps people learn to make appropriate choices. Have you ever felt bombarded with work that you begin to feel overwhelmed? I know I have. I sometimes wish there was a fast-forward button to get me through the day. However, stress cannot be the only thing that controls your willingness to be successful. Whether that is in the workplace, in a classroom or everyday life, setting limits can benefit you in some way.

Although, not every decision you make has a positive outcome. But it is so important that we try to have a positive mindset even through all of the chaos. A positive mind can often lead to a positive decision. With that in mind, I would like to discuss a basic guideline on how to set limits for yourself. When you are setting limits, it is important to keep three things in mind.

      1. Setting a Limit is NOT The Same as Issuing an Ultimatum. 

      2. The Primary Purpose of Setting a Limit is to Teach, Not Punish. 

      3. Don’t Talk More Than You Have To. Be A Good Listener. 

As you begin to piece together your own limits you must understand that limits are not threats! In fact, limits allow you to have choices but with consequences – both positive and negative. Now the first and the second point go hand in hand with each other. People begin to understand the consequences of their actions. Furthermore, it allows the person to slowly build a foundation to which good decision making can be made. You must understand what your body is telling you and therefore the environment, you are working in. Listen to other people and take on board what they share with you. This will help you set more meaningful limits.

With those three ideas in mind, I would like to share with you a basic outline of how to set a limit.

      1. Analyze Your Situation.

Are you surrounded by negativity? How many cups of coffee do you drink in one day? Assess what could possibly be weighing you down from achieving success. Then test it out. Is it working for you? Do you need to make changes? Yes or No? Be sure to make adjustments to find the right fit for you and continue to adjust.

      2. Don’t Overcomplicate Things!

You should never have too many distractions when you are achieving success. Furthermore, you should be focused on what you have set out to achieve and make it as easy as possible. This can be determined by two very easy steps.

  1. Identify the goal.
  2. Eliminate anything that is in the way of stopping you from achieving it.

       3. Find Calm in Chaos. 

YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE ON MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE! Realistically, we determine how much work we consume and it is up to us to complete it. My advice is when setting a limit focus on what is important rather than everything at once – be specific.

Setting limits is not only manageable but most importantly YOU are the focus. It not only allows you to focus on what is important but you are able to work more efficiently at what you do. If you can eliminate stress amongst the chaos then I think you are doing just fine. So the answer is quite simple. We control the amount of work we consume. It is a matter of placing limits in order to achieve success. Focus on one goal at a time and remember in order to get the most productivity you must;

  • Set limits for yourself.
  • Choose one goal.
  • The less complicated the better.
  • Focus. Never get distracted!
  • Less Talk – Listen more.
  • Create an effective and efficient work rate.

So there you have it. A simple beginners guideline on how to set limits.

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