She Believed She Could, So She Owned It

She Believed She Could, So She Owned It

by Angela Ozar

From fitness and love, to travel and time management, what do these topics have to do with finance? Other than being the subjects of my past She Owns It posts, it appears they are completely unrelated. Yet, as I reflect back on all of the past themes of my articles, I realized how my ability to manage money seeped into all of those areas of my life. I use the same levers to trigger results when it comes to my fitness routine, as I do my financial routine. It all boils down to my behavior.

You can behave your way to anything. I’ve learned this from my own life experiences thus far, and from Nick Murray. Nick Murray is the author of Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth. In his book, Mr. Murray explains how investor behavior, not investment performance, is the key to achieving wealth. Translation: don’t rely on stock performance to make you rich, rely on your own actions. To strengthen his case he points out, “In the end, your own behavior is the only thing you can ever really control.” Mic drop.

Mr. Murray is on to something here that doesn’t apply just to the stock market. We can’t control stocks, people, time, or what body we are given. What we can control is our behavior in relationship to them. And our behavior is dictated by what we choose. From running a marathon, to getting out of debt, behavior is the driving force that gets the result we do want or don’t want.

About a month ago, I had breakfast with a volunteer with whom I work closely in my job. I was asking him questions about my future career options, and his response blew me away. He said, “I think you can do whatever you want to.” What he said seems kind of cheesy, like something you would read on a graduation card. However, as I looked back at the choices I’ve made in my life so far, I realized the things I wanted to accomplish, I did. I wanted to get out of debt quickly, so I behaved in a way to see it come true. I wanted to become someone who enjoyed working out, and I did become that person.

Over the last six months, writing for She Owns It has challenged me more than I ever thought possible. It has helped me find my voice, and held me accountable to doing something with my talent. This has been yet another experience that has proved to me that I CAN do anything I want.

So if you liked anything you read in my posts here, follow me onto my next adventure, as I write my first book for new grads on how to pay off student loan debt.


AngelaFinal9 CropInspired by her career move from a corporate analyst to working for a startup accelerator, Angela Ozar writes about how paying off her student loan debt and saving early for retirement changed her life.

She provides a fresh, entertaining, and practical approach to personal finance for young professional women in her blog The Girl Millionaire. Her blog makes finance fun.

Angela is also helping to grow female startups in the Cincinnati/NKY area as Program Manager of Bad Girl Ventures, Inc., an accelerator that aids in scaling women owned businesses through education, mentoring, and financing in Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio.

She is a big fan of nature, an expert wreath maker, and would rather eat brussel sprouts than cake.

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