Black Female Photographers and Content Creators You Should Work With

What is it that you do? Are you an entrepreneur? Stay at home mom? Travel enthusiast? Are you waiting for your Youtube channel to go viral? Well, whichever role you represent and whatever your title maybe there’s a way for it to make sense and look good all at the same time. Nobody really knows what goes on behind the scenes or how hectic things could get, they just see the finished product. Here are some black female content creators/photographers who can help make your vision a reality.


1. Kelley Raye:

This queen’s talents are phenomenal, the crowns she wears of a photographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur makes her someone we would all be honored to work with someday. Her elegant projects have been featured in The Huffington Post, People Magazine, InStyle and that’s just to name a few. It has been said that Kelley “ has a fabulous eye and perspective, you’ll be amazed by what she can do with a camera and a light.” Along with her gift for catching your best angles, she’s the host of ” The Climb” podcast where she shares space with other women entrepreneurs about goals, self care, wins and risk. We could all use a connection like Kelley to help us become our better version of ourselves. To book your free consultation click on the link below:


2. Christina Deshomme:

Christina is a branding photographer and owner of Julian Studios named after her precious baby boy. Her ability to capture a photo that’s worth a thousand words comes with ease. Her dedication to promoting body positive images allows her clients to feel confident and comfortable and the results are always astounding. She brings a vibe to her sessions that allows business owners to showcase themselves in a way that will catch anyone’s eye. Being a full time mother herself, she has the ability to add flair to your family portraits producing clean and fresh photos. Although she is based in Texas she frequents the West Coast often, to book your session at Julian Studios click the link here:


3. Kinya Claiborne:

Kinya is another digital creator and style influencer in the Los Angeles area and did we mention that she’s the owner of Style and Society? Her online magazine was nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal Women’s Council Award and the Los Angeles Business Journal Fashion Award as a top company driving economic growth in LA. Style and Society features entertainment, fashion, travel and everything in between with content that will keep us glammed up and ready for the next level. If you’re interested in working with Kinya or just want to stay in the know about the topics above check her out Instagram visit Style and Society at at the link below:


 4. Tanya Marie:


Tanya Marie is a Texas based digital creator with Congolese roots. Tanya has gained quite an audience online by exemplifying her queen status. Her journey is our journey and she is a mirror of how self love can truly change your life. Her Youtube channel Life of Tanya Marie has a plethora of bombshell tutorials from how to grow your social media platform to beginner makeup routines. The thing we love about Tanya is that we get to see her life for what it is, making her a relatable trendsetter and an inspiration to women. 


5. Jacque Jackson:

Jacque Johnson is a filmmaker, teacher and storytelling documentary photographer. Jacque’s photos capture the intimate moments of motherhood with results that are natural and true to life. Being a stay at home mother of four children permits her to display a “mom focused point of view” allowing her lens to catch moments that a mother may see as a regular routine. Jacque uses her life as a muse for a project titled “ Iam Not a Strong Black Woman”. In this short film she narrates her daily thoughts as a black mother who is just overwhelmed with tasks. Her expertise in the film industry resulted in a number of accomplishments, one being the guest judge of the Documentary Family Awards in 2020. Her breathtaking photos have been featured at The Florida Museum of Photographic Art for the Picture (im) Perfect exhibit in 2021. To be a part of Jacque’s next endeavor “The Black Motherhood Project” or to just book a photo shoot click the link below:




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