Black Humanitarian Women Who Are Advocating For Mental Health

What a time to be alive! Mental Health Advocates, Humanitarians and Activists are creating a better world for us all by providing online content, resources, brands and sharing their stories. Information is right in our face and help is finally here. We just have to collectively make a decision to wake up and pay attention.

Here’s a list of black female mental health advocates and humanitarians that are shaking things up!


1. Taylor D:

Taylors authentic, down to earth, online presence has helped hundreds of people battling mental health issues all while healing herself. Her informative platform “Just Say Tay” is a beautiful blend of self guided meditations and tips on how to fight anxiety. Creating space for those like herself she shares ways to cope after panic attacks, journal prompts, healthy recipes and more. Her daily posts are filled with vulnerability and wisdom that allows her to connect with followers from all over the world. She has been a keynote speaker on “The lipstick Legacy Podcast” and has worked on major projects like HBO’s: Eyes’ on The Prize Hallowed Ground. You can follow Taylor on Instagram at the link below:


2. Rachel Thomas:

Rachel Thomas is a Human Trafficking Educator and a survivor thats leaving footprints all over the world. Her mission to end the game of Human Trafficking has reached over 100,00 live audience members and she has been appointed to the White House Advisory Council  on Human trafficking. However, she doesn’t operate solely, she has a  team of speakers, teachers and other allies called The Sowers Team who have traveled globally to educate others on keeping our youth safe. Their work has helped restore the lives of victims by shining light in such a dark place. “Auntie Rachel” puts a spin on educating our youth  in a way that they can understand through her 12 episode series called “The Cool Aunt”.  To find out how you can help end the game and support Rachel and The Sowers Team click the link below.



3. Felicia La Tour:

Felicia is a Life and Wellness Coach and the founder of MindfulFee and we can’t forget that she’s “somebody’s mama”. Felicia stays on her grind to provide daily tips and positive affirmations for those of us who are navigating through life’s obstacles. She gives cool mom and homegirl vibes that we can all relate to and you can shop her cozy collection of tees and sweaters at

On Felicia’s Youtube channel she collaborates with celebrity stylist Rebecca Gross and Noelle Smith to discuss motherhood, self care and financial advice through her MindfulFee Series. Her encouraging words and healing energy are shared by thousands of people daily, we should all continue to spread the love around. You can follow her on Instagram at the link below:


4. Asia Monet

We can’t discuss mental health without fitness. Asia Monet is a Certified Personal Trainer and mental health advocate who empowers women to “break free and thrive in their own skin”. Based out of California however, her online presence is global. Asia took 1st place in the NPC Wellness competition in 2021 and her mental health journey can be found on her Youtube channel. Asia’s knowledge of the body and mind’s close partnership shows how exercise can  lead to a thriving life. In her 12 week wellness program she includes home workouts, in gym options, nutrition plans, mental health challenges and more. Asia sustains the perseverance to heal herself and transform the lives of women and she wants her clients and future clients to know that “ when you feel like you’ve reached the end just reach a little further, you can do it.”

If you’re in need of a workout guide or would like to support Asia’s movement click the links below:


5. Dr. Ebony:

Psychologist, Food Relationship strategist and creator of The Alkeme Health App; Dr. Ebony is a leader in the Mental Health Movement. She’s the first psychologist to create a therapy deck for women of color to navigate through the healing process. Each card is a curation of thought provoking questions and journal prompts. Being a black woman herself, Dr. Ebony has the ability to see life through the lens of other black women granting her a large online community of followers. Her instagram is filled with fun voiceovers and mental health advice that will have you looking inward at the role you play in your life. You can follow Dr. Ebony on Instagram

or go directly to her website:


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