Branding Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

by Bek Davis

Entrepreneurs work hard to make a name for themselves by developing their own personal brand. Branding is an essential part of getting your name out there, being recognized by others, networking, and especially showing your worth as a female in the fast-paced, business world. Too many female entrepreneurs take their brand for granted and don’t begin developing it from the start. From the first day of considering what business you want to go in, you should already be considering details about your brand. Here are some more tips to help you advance even further.

"A brand is so much more than a logo and a slogan, it is a feeling and a reputation.”
“A brand is so much more than a logo and a slogan, it is a feeling and a reputation.”

Being Passionate About Your Business

The first start to proper branding is being passionate about the business you are in. The more interesting your business is, the better you will be at it. As an entrepreneur, you have a multitude of options for what area of business you go in, whether you want to build a corporation, or be a one-person small business owner. Whatever you decide should be something you are interested in, passionate about, and that helps you be the best business woman you can be. This guides you through the rest of your career.

Choosing Your Brand

When it comes to the details of your brand, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, choose a business name that others are going to remember. Your logo and branding should be just as memorable and overly simplified, but with a unique style that makes it clear to others what your business is all about. You can create your own logo or have someone else design it, but do your research and make sure there aren’t others that are too similar, especially within your niche. It is also highly recommended when choosing a domain name, that it match your business name exactly, and that you purchase similar domain names. For example, if there is another possible way to spell the business name, you can buy that domain, and have it directed to your actual web address.

Telling Your Story

Another thing to know, when you are a female entrepreneur, is that your brand is how you tell your story. Consumers want to know who you are, what you do, and why you choose to do it. Don’t be afraid to be candid with others and share your personal story. If there is a place you got your idea, a job you used to have that inspired you, or any other details within your story that led to where you are now, share it.

Get a Good Team

It can be tempting to want to take over everything on your own, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially as a woman who is taking on a huge project, you have the desire to prove your worth and how much you can accomplish. Getting a good team by your side does not take away from how much you will accomplish as an entrepreneur. It is easier to keep building your brand when you have a team to help you along the way.

The Importance of Networking

Networking, whether through social media or local trade shows, is another vital part of building your brand. You should not only reach out to potential consumers of your products or services, but similar businesses as well. Networking with female entrepreneurs is a great place to start, because you can discuss your similar strengths and weaknesses, learning and growing together. Reach out to all business owners and individuals within your same niche for proper networking potential.

Show that you are proud of the business you have creating by continuing to work on your brand, and using it to help grow as an entrepreneur.


Bek Davis – Graphic Design + Branding Superstar – Nashville, TN

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.52.09 AMMeet Bek from Nashville, Tennessee! Bek has taken the idea of working from home and turned it into art form – literally!

As a trained chef, Bek was able to indulge her need to be creative while assembling unique and tempting new dishes for her clients. But, when her first child was born in 2000, she and her husband decided that it would be best for Bek to become a stay-at-home mom.

While she loved being home with her daughter, Bek quickly realized that she missed having that creative outlet. She also wanted a way to continue to contribute to her family’s income. The solution? Build a business! While her daughter slept, Bek taught herself website design. What began as a new adventure in creativity, grew into a leading stay-at-home mom based website design company. Today, Bek Davis Web & Graphic Designs has grown to include many other experts in web design, graphic design, business branding, and brand marketing.

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4 Replies to “Branding Tips for Female Entrepreneurs”

  1. Family Travels on a Budget

    What a fabulous post!
    My blog grew by more than 600% in 2013, taking leaps forward as I implemented each of the aspects you include here. Particularly, my support team and participation in trade shows made a huge impact.

    I am always aware that I am my brand — and it keeps me focused wherever I go.

    Great article. To readers considering starting their own business, print this out and hang it in your workspace. Follow these tips to grow more quickly. (It’s still hard work, but focused hard work is so rewarding.)

    1. Bek Davis[ Post Author ]

      Thank you for the comment. What great success you have seen over the past year! Kuddos to you and your team.

      BTW: I love your logo!

  2. Amanda

    Thank you Bek, I find that branding can seem rather daunting and even overwhelming. Your article makes the process seem easier. Appreciate your time and effort. Will share this article with other small business owners.

    1. Bek Davis[ Post Author ]

      Thanks Amanda! I agree, branding does seem like an overwhelming process. As I tell all my clients: determine your ultimate goal, and work backwards. A handful of baby steps will bring you to your ultimate goal!

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